Money ain’t a thang for the mayor’s race; City Council is giving us license to get ill: #BillyPennPlaylist

Milton Money

The city is probably going to let us be sick and still make money — something the mayoral candidates lack — and the legendary King of Jeans sign got removed from East Passyunk. Billy Penn has recapped all of those stories and more from this week and combined them  with music for our weekly playlist (scroll to the bottom for Spotify).

“My Name Is,” Eminem

Say Milton Street’s name over and over again. Feeling envious? You should be. He said his name was worth $800,000.

“Money Ain’t A Thang,” Jermaine Dupris feat. Jay-Z

Money might not actually be a thing in this year’s mayoral election, though. So far none of the candidates have more than $425K in cash on hand. At this point in 2007, four candidates had more than $1 million.

“Dream Smotherer,” Pissed Jeans

The famous King of Pants sign in East Passyunk is no more. It was removed on Thursday, smother all of our dreams. If you want to remember the great times, head to Provenance Salvage in No Libs where it will be displayed or, as the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association’s David Goldfarb recommends, listen to the band Pissed Jeans, which named their third album after the sign.

“Licensed to Ill,” Beastie Boys

OK, so it’s actually the name of an album and not a song. But it fits perfectly. A City Council committee approved the paid-sick-leave bill on Tuesday and it should pass in Council next week. In Philadelphia you’re going to be able to get ill and still get paid.

“Glory Days,” Bruce Springsteen

H/T to Philly Mag’s Patrick Kerkstra for this song. Take a look at all of the mayoral candidates during their high school years.

“No Hurry,” Zac Brown Band

The Democratic National Committee is really taking its sweet time deciding where to put the 2016 DNC. HURRY UP. The good news? Even people from New York are saying Philly should get it.

“Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor 

Go-getter mayoral candidate Jim Kenney said he wants to work hard and get rid of the Philly Shrug.

“Won’t Trade,” Q Tip

Guy who said every “Nug on the Main Line” would be coming from him got sentenced to nine to 23 months this week. Traders, speculators, buyers, sellers and prognosticators pay heed: Nug yields on the Main Line are probably taking a hit.

“Feeling Good,” Michael Buble

Hats off to the PPA’s shoe-leather detective work in impounding one Lyft driver in a “sting” operation of a service that brings the car to you. Those guys should be feeling real proud.

“No Phone,” Cake

Queena Bass, who by her estimation has entered and lost four mayoral elections, is entering this year’s race, too. Just don’t try to call her to offer your congratulations. She doesn’t have a phone.