Chip Kelly has the Eagles “All Mixed Up” and Milton Street is on the “Outside”: #BillyPennPlaylist

Foles Rod Stewart

This week was all about the paperwork. For the Eagles, it meant coach Chip Kelly finalizing the trade of his quarterback and then signing the star running back of the team’s top rival. For the mayoral candidates, it meant turning the thousands of signatures they collected over the last several weeks. Check out recaps of all those stories and more, combined with music, as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“All Mixed Up,” 311

Exactly who is on the Eagles roster now? Kelly is trading everyone or letting them go, it seems. But he did also entice the Cowboys’ DeMarco Murray to sign. Can’t complain about that.

“Name,” Goo Goo Dolls

On Tuesday, all the mayoral candidates had to turn in petition forms with at least 1,000 signatures. Tony Williams led the way with about 15,000 — if you believe him that is. Milton Street did not. He claimed Williams’ petition contained several thousand fake names and planned to pursue the matter with the city’s Board of Ethics.

“Outside,” Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding 

But will Street even be able to run for mayor as a Democrat? He’s reportedly registered as an Independent, meaning he might be on the outside when it comes to this spring primary.

“Stray Cat Strut,” Stray Cats

A cat got stuck in a tree at Temple and then it got saved. But man, the whole scene turned into a pretty big deal, with the University’s official Twitter account even reporting about it.

“Why” Jadakiss

Free speech and all that, but must ads featuring Hitler really go on SEPTA buses throughout the city? Yes, says a judge.

“All or Nothing,” O-Town 

Reducing property taxes by 50 percent for the average homeowner is Tom Wolf’s plan. But the GOP wants him to go further. They want property taxes reduced by 100 percent. Expect plenty of sniping to continue before the budget gets finalized in a few months.

“Legend,” Drake 

Strawberry Mansion High School students — finally with a music teacher — are starting to use the recording studio Drake donated after seeing an ABC special on the high school in December 2013.

“Milkshake,” Kelis 

Potbelly’s introduced the Papal shortbread milkshake. It was good enough to get Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia to come and try it.

“King of Wishful Thinking,” Go West

Bill Green, the former chair of the SRC who just got canned by the governor and inspired thousands of teachers to protest in the streets of Philadelphia last fall, might run for mayor as an independent. Good luck!

“Forever Young,” Rod Stewart

Later, Nick Foles. You’ll always be that quarterback we thought might be good but weren’t really sure — at least everyone seems to miss you.