“Mo Money Mo Problems” for Tony Williams’ Mainline billionaires and “Everything Is Awesome” for Jim Kenney: #BillyPennPlaylist


The Democratic mayor’s race is over after months of forums, debates and meet-and-greets, and only one candidate is going home happy: Jim Kenney. Meanwhile, Tony Williams and his billionaire suburban friend will have to plot their next move. Billy Penn recaps these stories and the other top stories of the week, combined with music, as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist (for Spotify list click here).

“Everything Is Awesome,” Tegan and Sara

Everything is awesome for Lego Jim Kenney, at least. He won the Democratic mayor’s race with 56 percent of the vote on Tuesday.

“Friends in Low Places,” Garth Brooks

One person really helped Philadelphia’s likely next mayor win this election: Union boss Johnny Doc. Also, Kenney got a head start in politics from another controversial figure, convicted politician Vince Fumo.

“Your Biggest Mistake,” Ellie Goulding

Anthony Williams really disappointed and perhaps his getting only about 26 percent of the vote on Tuesday had to do with his saying he would fire Commissioner Charles Ramsey two weeks ago. Ed Rendell said it was the “most significant mistake in a campaign I’ve ever seen.”

“Mo Money, Mo Problems,” Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy and Ma$e

Susquehanna International spent around $6 million trying to get Williams elected as mayor. In 2010, the group spent about $5 million trying to get him elected governor. Guys, you might want to make smarter investments in the future.

“Poison,” Bell Biv DeVoe

Earlier this year, a bunch of personal injury lawyers allegedly got food-poisoned at the Chinatown restaurant Joy Tsin Lau. This week, the city got involved, suing to shut the place down.

“Jersey Girl,” Bruce Springsteen

New Jersey residents are facing an existential crisis as lawmakers suggest ending the ban on self-service gasoline. One woman said, “Jersey girls don’t pump gas, and we want to keep it that way.”

“Double Life,” The Cars

Thursday night, we found out the Feds are after a Temple physics professor for allegedly spying for China.

“Better Days,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

So only about 230,000 Democrats voted in the mayor’s race and about another 12,000 Republicans. That estimate of 240,000 means record low turnout.

“Strange Currencies,” R.E.M.

Milton Street had an awesome tweet on Thursday about the “currency” party.

“Summertime,” Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Memorial Day weekend. Time for summer to really begin — and for Spruce Street Harbor Park to open.