Memorial Day in Philadelphia: A tour of 8 city landmarks, from the Civil War to Beirut


Typically when you think of war memorials, the regal, stone structures that dot Washington, D.C. come to mind. But dozens of war memorials are right here in Philly — begging to be toured this Monday.

Hop on your bike or take a long run through Philly to see these eight war memorials:

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Front and Spruce Streets

After the large Vietnam War Veterans memorial was built in D.C., a group of Philadelphian Vietnam Veterans launched a campaign in the spring of 1984 to honor the more than 600 local men killed in the war.

After raising $1.2 million to build it, the memorial was finally finished and dedicated the weekend of October 23-26, 1987.

Since the memorial was dedicated, other names have been added for a total of 646.

Korean War Memorial Park

Near Front and Spruce Streets

The Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia was dedicated in 2002 and remembers 610 soldiers hailing from southeastern Pennsylvania who were killed in combat during the Korean War.

Memorial for Marines killed in Beirut bombing

Near Front and Spruce Streets

Nine Philadelphia-area marines are honored on this structure, which commemorates the lives lost during the 1983 terrorist bombing in Beirut, Lebanon.

Doughboys WWI Memorial

Northeast corner of 2nd and Spring Garden Streets

This structure remembers Philadelphia-area soldiers who served in WWI.

World War I Aero Memorial

Across the street from the Franklin Institute

These tributes, completed in 1948, are to commemorate and memorialize WWI aviators.

African American War Memorial

Across the street from the Franklin Institute

This memorial, dedicated in 1934, commemorates the African American soldiers killed in combat in various wars.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial

On the Parkway heading toward the Art Museum

This massive memorial completed in 1927 on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway remembers the union soldiers from Pennsylvania who were killed in the Civil War.

Smith Memorial Arch and Whispering Benches

West Fairmount Park

smith memorial arch


The Smith Memorial, completed in 1912, serves as a gateway to West Fairmount Park and commemorates Pennsylvania’s soldiers who were killed in the Civil War.