In Philly, Obama talks ‘prison blues,’ ‘wild thing’ bicyclists take on 676: #BillyPennPlaylist

Playlist Cash

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton came to Philadelphia this week to talk at the NAACP convention, while Mayor Michael Nutter left for Europe. Before his trip began, though, he had a confrontation with a homeless person. Philly never gets boring! Billy Penn recaps these stories and other news stories from the week and pairs them with music as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Champagne Supernova,” Oasis

Philadelphia has a new sister city: Frankfurt, Germany. That basically means they promise to do a better job of trading with each other — a good sign for Philadelphia’s improving international rep. Mayor Nutter celebrated the relationship by toasting with Frankfurt’s mayor.

“Laugh Now, Cry Later,” Ice Cube  At the first Data Jawn conference (incredible name), data junkies revealed Philadelphians’ most-used emoji. It was the laughing face with tears emoji. One astute reader suggested it was because our sports teams have been so awful.

“Folsom Prison Blues,” Johnny Cash

Obama came to Philly on Tuesday and spoke at the NAACP convention. His primary message? That America needs to reform its prison system.

“Back at the Start,” Viceroy

The six infamous narco cops, acquitted in May, were recently given their jobs back. They’ll receive $90,000 in back pay, too. Before the acquittal, police commissioner Charles Ramsey said the men’s badges would be destroyed.

“By the Throat,” Chvrches 

Before Nutter flew over to Frankfurt, a homeless man approached him near City Hall. The situation ended with Nutter’s security detail’s hand on the man’s throat and Nutter near the ground helping restrain him, too. The man said he only wanted to ask Nutter what would happen to homeless people during the Pope’s visit.

“Wild Thing,” The Troggs

A couple of crazy — or confused — bicyclists using Indego rode onto I-676 last weekend.

“Tall Glass of Something,” Jake Owen

Curbed Philly did something very important this week and compared the height of Comcast II to major international landmarks. It turns out Comcast II will beat out the Eiffel Tower in height by a little and obliterate the Great Pyramid of Giza.

“Ruby Tuesday,” The Rolling Stones

Sorry, Ruby Tuesday. You guys missed out. Democratic mayoral nominee Jim Kenney plans to DJ tonight, and it’s going to be at that other chain restaurant that serves both chicken fajitas and club sandwiches that nobody really goes to all that much: TGI Friday’s. Expect it to look something like this…

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