The Pope in Philly

WATCH: Video of LOVE Park skateboarder mowing down Pop-up Pope Francis as Philly Jesus watches

“The pope ain’t done nothing for me,” the skateboarder said, according to the Philly Daily News.

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Some skateboarders in Love Park weren't happy to see us or happy to see the pope. After this "attack" I asked the young man (Bobby) who tackled the pope why he did that, he stated "the pope ain't done nothing for me." This encounter was 10 minutes after the cardboard cut-out was punched by a self-identified Muslim man. This morning we received a nasty message which sounded like a threat from someone who warned us, and others, not to bring the pope back to the park. This is the City of Brotherly love, a city with great qualities but one filled with people who hate and people who need healing. ...................................................................... Were we angry at this young man and his friends for taunting us, attacking the pope and threatening us? Yes. Turning the other cheek and loving your enemies is one of the hardest things to do. I'm from Philly and wanted to punch this kid in the face, but I didn't let my anger win. It's ironic this all happened in #LovePark. What would you like to say to this young man and his friends about why we admire #PopeFrancis and follow #Jesus? What can we do to lessen #hate in this world? We hesitated to repost this video because we didn't want to give energy to the haters of this world. That said, we wanted our followers to see it and ask you pray for this young man. I think he needs prayers and love more than anything. We also wanted to preserve the video for law enforcement. Violence and threats against peaceful citizens is unacceptable. I ask God to forgive me for wanting to pummel this kid into the sidewalk. -cs #streetevangelization #philly #catholic #prayers #forgiveness #anger #popeinus #popeinphilly #wmf2015 #respect #disrespect #hate #violence #hope #threats #sharethepark #LovePark

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