Pope. Pope. Pope. It’s finally happening. Some of the traffic restrictions are in effect and others start soon. And the big man himself will be in Philadelphia tomorrow. This week’s #BillyPennPlaylist recaps some of the biggest papal stories from the week, plus a little Kathleen Kane, and pairs them with songs that have a slight religious twist. Eight stories/songs are highlighted below, but the Spotify playlist contains more than 30 pope-related songs for you to enjoy this weekend.

“Locked Out of Heaven,” Bruno Mars

It feels like everyone forgot their keys to Center City and just decided to stay away. These streets will probably be flooded once the pope is in town Saturday, but they’ve been pretty empty today and Thursday.

My morning commute on the @SEPTA_BSL @SEPTAPHILLY #vip #allalone #phillystreets #popepocalypse #PopeInPhilly pic.twitter.com/cnC7rKvmtB

— Streets Beats Eats (@streetsbeatseat) September 25, 2015

“Take Me to Church,” Hozier

Papal mass on the Parkway is happening Sunday. Will there be the anticipated 1.5 million? Or will Philadelphia have scared too many people away with the security? We’ll find out soon.

“I Will Follow Him,” Little Peggy March

Philly congressman Bob Brady seems to really love this Francis guy. After he gave a speech to Congress, Brady went to the podium and took the glass of water he’d been using and drank out of it himself.

“Sinners Like Me,” Eric Church

Kathleen Kane might not be the greatest attorney general in the history of Pennsylvania, but she sure wants to make sure anyone else who’s possibly done something wrong will feel the wrath. She has about a month before the suspension of her law license kicks in and before then she intends to release more porny emails.

“Faith,” Limp Bizkit

It’s been more difficult than ever to have faith in the PPA this week. They started off Monday by putting up the wrong signs around Old City, alerting people that their cars would be towed a day ahead of schedule. Then this happened in South Philly:  

“I will park wherever I want to and there ain’t a fucking thing you can do” — Parking wars have commenced: http://t.co/iYSBjRFRYf

— Billy Penn (@billy_penn) September 23, 2015

“One of Us,” Joan Osborne

What if Marky Mark was one of us? Just a slob like one of us, just a bro serving burgers, all of us, trying to make his way home.

Mark Wahlberg is currently serving burgers out of a food truck in Northern Liberties (photo from @LWetterau) pic.twitter.com/mTS1JxCC4U

— Billy Penn (@billy_penn) September 24, 2015

“Hurts Like Heaven,” Coldplay

Philly’s street vendors got a raw deal this week when they learned at the last minute that they won’t be able to set up shop in traffic box from Friday through Monday.

“Losing My Religion,” R.E.M.

The pope couldn’t be in Philadelphia at a better time, right when thousands are losing faith, religion and sanity thanks to the Eagles.

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