Union, millennial, diversity, Ed Rendell: Make your own Democratic National Convention announcement!

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Last month, the Democratic National Committee announced the opening of its Philadelphia office, and in the process managed to hit as many of the Democratic political cliches as possible.

It hosted the announcement at a union print shop, owned by a local businessman. Mayor Michael Nutter and a female reverend, Leah Daughtry, CEO of the 2016 Convention, were on camera. Naturally, members of the Carpenters Union were still on hand to protest because some DNC events are expected to take place at the Convention Center.

So, how does the DNC make the all the right concessions? How does it pander to as many Democratic focus groups as possible?

Well, now the decision can be in your hands! Use the words below to make your own Democratic National Convention announcement adventure.

Places: LOVE Park, Elevator Constructors Union headquarters, Pennsylvania Dutch store at Reading Terminal Market

Proper nouns: Johnny Doc, Jim Kenney, Ed Rendell, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs president Joan Lau, Charles Ramsey, Philly Jesus, Rev. Wilson Goode, Helen Gym

Adjectives: LGBT-friendly, union, interactive, involved, young, millennial, low-income, start-up

Nouns: taskforce, diversity, voters, council, constituent, mummer, consultation, millennial, family, income inequality, electrician, donation, charter school opponents

Verbs: spearhead, attract, understand, solidify, register, eradicate, pledge, create, provide

This Monday at (place                                    )  (proper noun                              ) will officially (verb                            ) the formation of (official sounding                 ), a (adjective                     ) office (proper noun                                 ) has worked on after weeks of (verb                             ) with (Philly millennial group                              ). The Democratic National Committee believes the effort will (verb                              ) the base and offer limitless (noun                                      ) to diverse (plural noun                             ). Parties interested in attending must (verb                                         ) their (noun                              ). The Democratic National Committee will have (Proper noun                             ) on hand to raise (noun                  ).     

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