The 12 African Americans Donald Trump met in Philly today (photo)

I'm not a republican but we all had our own agendas to be there today. I'm hoping my presents alone is a contradiction of black stereotype.A successful self made black entrepreneur Real Estate Developer. My exact words, "I did it just, as if, because I didn't, have the same opportunities as a white guy." Donald Trumps words back, "And, Shawn and you could do it better." So Him coming to north philly is what he should and suppose to do, WHAT THEY ARE DO! Hilary, Obama, Clinton, Bush, all political people, don't want to say politician because Donald Trump definitely isn't that. For right and wrong reasons. But I'm not a robot and I've never always went with the safe or "popular" choice in life. I've always went against the grain, research hard ans made my own decisions. Of Course it's things about D. Trump I haven't liked or agreed with but that's something I can say about everyone. I sit at the table with influential people of today and today that person was #donaldtrump to discuss needs, views, and ideas to empower and up lift the Black and minority community and poverty stricken communities. I'm proud to be apart of this panel today with our black business leaders in the city. Glad he took the time and showed the guts to come to North Philly. This is the Biggest of leagues and I know some of you wont understand it but everyone isn't suppose to. Make your own decision for who your voting for. #GreatMeeting #BigBusiness #CNN

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