Delco bakery whips up controversy with ‘Make America Great Again’ cakes

“It’s in no way a political statement,” says the decorator at Traub’s Bakery — who did say she voted for Trump.

Traub's Bakery Decorator Deneen Ciancaglini stands with her creation, Make America Great Again hat cakes.

Traub's Bakery Decorator Deneen Ciancaglini stands with her creation, Make America Great Again hat cakes.

Cassie Owens/Billy Penn

If you like, you can have your Make America Great Again in chocolate. 

Gotta call in for that, though. The standard MAGA minicake at Traub’s Bakery in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania is vanilla, and comes in either white or red. 

Cassie Owens/Billy Penn

An image of the mini-cakes from the bakery’s Facebook page has gone viral, spawning a tense comment section that was hundreds of responses deep Wednesday morning. “That’s despicable.  But like Trump find anyway to make a buck…I’ll stick to Maria’s bakery,” wrote one Facebook user. 

“Love these!  Congratulations, what an honor to be a part of history!  #byebye44.  #thankgodfor45,” posted another.

Donald Trump supporters watch the election results come in at New York Hilton Midtown on election night.

Donald Trump supporters watch the election results come in at New York Hilton Midtown on election night.


Hillary Clinton won the Philly suburbs, and in Delaware County, she nabbed 60 percent of the vote to Trump’s 37 percent. But at the borough level, some races were stunningly close. Trump won Prospect Park, the home of Traub’s, by two votes.

Deneen Ciancaglini, a decorator at Traub’s wanted to be clear: “It’s in no way a political statement,” she said when we first reached her by phone.

She gets ideas based on “what’s trending.” She sees Inauguration Day cakes as merely another timely special of theirs, in line with what they’ve done in the past, like their Papal visit offerings or their Deflategate cake (yeah, that totally existed.) And in this case, the Trump hat treats are in demand. Bakery staff says the minicakes are “flying out” the door.

“When I do research for cakes I always Google things,” she said. What kept popping up in photos of Trump? That hat, of course.

Ciancaglini voted for Trump.  “But I’m sure that doesn’t…,” she began, then finished, “I’m sure we have people who voted for Hillary [at the bakery.]”

Typically at Traub’s, they haven’t captured too many political themes on treats; this election has been different. In November, they sold Trump cookies, Hillary cookies and cookies for voters who weren’t leaning either way.

14938337_1458395960842111_4946961086055715949_n (1)
Traub's Bakery on Facebook

“If Hillary had won, we’d have done a cake for Hillary,” Ciancaglini insisted.

David Bolner, the bakery’s owner, got to see the cakes before they were stocked.“I like them. I mean they look great. It’s just a cake,” he said from behind the counter Wednesday morning. “I had no concerns about it. My wife has concerns now that Facebook is getting blown out of proportion.”

Bolner said that the growing cupcake controversy is getting his shop compared to those that are not selling wedding cakes to same-sex couples. 

“They’re making it look like it’s the same sort of thing, like I should be judgmental on what we sell,” he said. 

“We’ve sold to lots of same-sex couples,” Ciancaglini chimed in.

They pointed a White House cake they made, for a custom order, with the Obamas on the windows. 

“We sell a product,” said Bolner.

“And it’s a good product,” a man reacted nearby, picking up a red MAGA hat cake. This customer wouldn’t comment on his choice, saying he was late for a meeting.

Another customer said she “might throw up” if she ordered it. Why? “Oh,” she said with a stern look, “I’m not getting into that.”

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