Franklin Fountain has an ImPeach sundae with ‘nuts from the cabinet’

It comes with a tiny spoon. For tiny hands?

The ImPeach Sundae at Franklin Fountain

The ImPeach Sundae at Franklin Fountain

Courtesy of Franklin Fountain

If news from DC is making you want to eat your feelings, Franklin Fountain has the perfect solution. New on the menu at the iconoclastic Philadelphia ice cream parlor is the ImPeach Sundae.

Listed as “Jerk’s Choice” (as in soda jerk, ya know), the dessert features a dish of housemade peach ice cream smothered in “nuts from the cabinet.” It comes with a side of the limited edition savory tomato ice cream (which happens to be orange colored), topped with a handful of Cheetos.

Lastly, per Franklin Fountain’s Instagram post, the ImPeach Sundae “may be served with a tiny demitasse spoons…to make any hands look huge.”

Yes, this is a real thing — you can scoop it up now at the historical throwback shop in Old City for $9. It will be available until the supply of tomato ice cream runs out, and there are currently around 20 servings left, co-owner Eric Berley told Billy Penn.

Berley came up with the idea for the sundae, with an assist from his brother and business partner Ryan, who suggested the Cheetos. He’s got a few other current events-related plans in the pipeline, too.

For instance, as part of what he calls a “soft protest” on immigration issues, he’s working up a recipe for bastani sonnati, a traditional Persian ice cream popular in Iran.

Franklin Fountain’s bastani will be a saffron custard with pistachio and rose, and proceeds from sales will go to an as-yet-undetermined immigration-related nonprofit. It’s meant as a “reference to sharing the message that being American is a melting pot of many countries, including our own heritage from both Eastern and Western Europe, with staff and family from around the world,” Berley said.

In the past, the Berley brothers have created several government- or politics-related treats, although none appear to have been quite as direct a commentary as the ImPeach Sundae.

Last year they made both a Bernie flavor and a Hillary flavor of ice cream, and Berley recalled offering “Nutter Butter Pecan” ice cream and “Al Toblerone Tobenberger” ice cream during the 2007 Philadelphia mayoral election that pitted Democrat Michael Nutter against Republican Al Taubenberger.

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