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Via Instagram, chef Marc Vetri announced he’s leaving Urban Outfitters

It’s been just over two years since URBN bought the Vetri Family of restaurants, which include all Vetri properties except the flagship original. Vetri Cucina cofounder Jeff Benjamin also left URBN, in August.

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This holiday season I’m thankful for so much, but mostly for the family that we have grown and nurtured over the last 10 years since we opened up our second restaurant @osteriaphilly Since then JB and I went from 10 years of 12 people at one restaurant to 400 plus co-workers, built an amazing team, created multiple Italian concepts, founded a partnership to help children understand that healthy eating leads to healthy living, and had the good fortune to join forces with an incredible company in @urbncommunity to try and scale what we had birthed. After two years with URBN I feel we have given them all the tools they need to succeed and grow this company to its fullest potential. It’s a bittersweet day for me but I feel that it’s time to step down and leave them the room they need to grow. I have nothing but admiration and respect for everyone who I met in my journey over the last two years...especially the entire Hayne family who I have always had and will continue to have mad respect for. I can’t thank everyone here but I have to give a couple shout outs to @jeffreymichaud @chefbradspence @sommillionaire all of whom helped us grow and nurture this company...all the amazing core team members past and present all of whom I can’t possibly mention here. As for me, you’ll still find me at @vetricucinaphl and with @vetricommunity everyday doing what I have loved to do for the last 20 years here! Cook! Peace! 🙏 ❤️

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