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Recycle your Christmas tree in Philly: How, where and when to do it

Don’t let your tree end up clogging the trash.

Danya Henninger

As part of the 29th annual Residential Christmas Tree Recycling Program, the Philadelphia Streets Department wants you to please not trash that fir you so carefully decorated after it was chopped down.

Per Streets, recycling Christmas trees cuts down on the major additional waste that goes through the city systems around the holidays. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure all the decorations are off. Sorry, Christmas balls can’t be recycled.
  • Don’t burn your tree in a fireplace. The sap can coat your chimney and cause a fire.
  • Small pine limbs and needles can be re-used and make for great mulch.
  • If you can’t get to a recycling center, your tree will be picked up from the curb with the rest of the trash. Boo.

Anytime between Tuesday, Jan. 2, and Saturday, Jan. 13, you can drop off your tree at a Sanitation Convenience Center, which are open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday through Saturday. They’re located at:

  • 3033 S. 63rd St.
  • Domino Lane and Umbria St.
  • State Road and Ashburner St.
  • 2601 W. Glenwood Ave.
  • 5100 Grays Ave.
  • 3901 N. Delaware Ave.

In addition, there are 23 more locations across the city that will be accepting trees only on Saturday Jan. 6 and Saturday Jan. 13 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Here’s a map of where you can take your tree on those days:

The above locations are:

  • 66th and Haverford Ave.
  • 54th and Woodbine Ave.
  • 43rd and Powelton Ave.
  • 72nd and Buist Ave.
  • Broad and Christian St.
  • 20th and Hartranft St.
  • 15th and Bigler St.
  • Corinthian and Poplar St.
  • American and Thompson St.
  • Graver Lane and Seminole
  • Cathedral and Ridge Ave.
  • Washington Ln. and Ardleigh
  • Upsal and Lowber St.
  • Fisher and Ogontz Ave.
  • 5th and Chelten Ave.
  • Castor and Foulkrod St.
  • 1400 Cottman
  • 2901 Princeton Ave.
  • 7901 Ridgeway St.
  • 8101 Bustleton Ave.
  • 2900 Comly Rd. – Palmer Playground
  • 7231 Torresdale Ave. – Russo Park
  • Wayne Ave. and Logan St.

Some civic associations are also holding tree drop-off days. Check here to see if your neighborhood association is involved.

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