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“It may seem like our fire Has been a little burnt out we're tired We only need to stay close In time, sparks will fly” - Those lyrics from @jheneaiko on Sparks Will Fly with @realcoleworld speak about relationships, but they went a little further for me. These past few months have been a search and rescue mission for me. I couldn’t find purpose. The introspection, self analysis, soul searching intensified.. I had to open myself up to myself. I had to look inside, more intently and intensely than ever before. Anyone been there? I searched myself desperately for passion and a fire that would burn bright enough for everyone to see. See, when I posted an image similar to this some months back, I was on the verge of quitting, of giving up. In a dangerous low period. My fire was burnt out. But I was assured by those who’ve gone before me, fight on and hold my craft close, take time to think, but never give up. They promised me that sparks would fly again. I’m not saying I understand everything now, or that I’ve got all the answers. But that fire is lit. I feel closer to this art. I’m realizing that life makes sense when I pour my heart into this, and I hope you all can feel that, see that.. I’m posting this image, similar but different, as a reminder to myself to always stay close to the things that I can’t live without. Sometimes the things we love the most frustrate us the most, and we want to separate from them. But we have to remember to hold them close, because in time, sparks will fly again. I’m finding my way, my place, my path.. I’m openly wrestling and sharing it with you all, in hopes that it will encourage you and motivate you. There are a million artists that can shoot better than me, but nobody can be me. That’s my offering.. myself. That’s your offering, yourself. Stop comparing yourself. Embrace your own path. Find yourself. Find that fire. Never quit, keep your craft close and start doing amazing things. Have a great night, everyone. I SWEAR I #loveyall.

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