17 photos of Philly dogs in the spring snow

Most people stayed indoors. Their canine friends didn’t have that option.

Danya Henninger

The second day of spring in Philly was even more wintry than the first. But it wasn’t a total disaster.

Although the storm will likely break an 86-year-old record for most snowfall on this date, and though the 10-plus inches that had fallen by sunset is more accumulation than we’ve seen in the city this year, it didn’t cause a lot of havoc.

Most of the trees that were gonna fall had already fallen. Most schools and offices were closed, and traffic was light, on both roadways and sidewalks. It seemed most Philadelphians — those who could, anyway — stayed safe inside warm homes.

Except for the dogs. They had to go out…because they had to go.

Some of them enjoyed it immensely. Others, not so much.

Sometimes a little puffy vest just doesn’t cut it.

It’s all good for Poms, who think they’re lions — kings of the foot-high forest.

With snow, you never have to get thirsty, even if you don’t like the spittle-spewn water at the dog park.

But is easy thirst quenching worth the annoyance and chill? Signs point to not really.

Because eventually, you’re just gonna get wet. No matter how fancy your coat is. Even in Rittenhouse Square.

Not that getting wet has to be horrible. Sometimes it’s proof that fun was had, like sweat after a good workout at the gym.

Or after a good stick-carry. (Snow = optimum stick weather. Cool and refreshing in the mouth.)

The important thing is to not get lost in the drifts entirely.

Once you’ve adjusted to the snow, it can be kind of zen.

Buuuuut it’s not always easy adjusting to a new reality.

Some may think it’s not even worth trying. “I weigh all of 6 lbs., can you PLEASE just pick me up?”

For some breeds, snow is like Christmas and New Year’s and their birthday all wrapped up in one thrilling event.

Bow tie on, ready to party!

When you’re a puppy, it’s mostly just confusing.

It takes several years to develop this much apathy towards the weather.

Easier to enjoy the snow when it provides challenges you can conquer.

But to some dogs — er, some pets on leashes — the snow is no challenge at all.


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