Even for those of us who love it dearly, it’s not easy to keep up with everything that goes on in Philadelphia. How much do you know about the city?

That’s what we test at our regular Philly Quizzo nights, which we’ve been hosting for more than a year now. Each month we hit up a different bar and invite folks to ply their knowledge answering 24 trivia questions related to this fine metropolis. Then we turn the game into an online quiz so everyone can try their hand.

In July, we were welcomed by Green Soul on North Broad for another well-attended event.

Seeing as this all went down on a Tuesday, guests filled up with $10 taco deals (try the harissa spiced chicken!) and $8 margs as they stretched mental muscles to pull out deep local knowledge.

Around 40 people split into eight teams to answer three rounds of questions: Philly Past, Philly Present and Philly Future. There were some fun team names — The Young Jawns, The 67th Ward, Nurses Are More Important Than Doctors — and competition was fierce.

This edition of Quizzo turned out to be pretty tough, but in the end, School’s Out For Summer took the top prize. They walked away with a nice $25 gift card to Green Soul.

Without using Google, can you beat their high score of 17/24?

Pick your the answers in the three sections below, then click “Submit” and scroll up to “View Score” to see how you did.

(If the form embedded below gives you trouble, you can access the quiz directly here.)

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