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Sheriff’s deputy arrested for selling black market firearms

How are guns ending up on Philadelphia streets? It appears in some cases, from law enforcement officers reselling firearms confiscated from crimes.

According to a trace, two of the guns he recently sold were used in the deadly Roxborough High School shooting, WHYY News reports. An Instagram account that appears to be the former deputy’s includes a boast of “giving back to my community one step at a time.”

Investigators work the scene where multiple people were shot near Roxborough High School in September Credit: Matt Slocum / AP Photo

World Series Phillies ball girls are having the time of their life

For most diehard fans, the idea of being on the field during a Phillies game is a fantasy. For ball girls, it’s reality — and right now, a dream come true

  • The squad of 19 young women do the work as a side gig, less for the pay (just $50 per game) than the experience. Most grew up playing softball and rooting for the Fightins.

They’ve watched the trip to the World Series up close, and couldn’t be more excited, they told Lizzy McLellan Ravitch: “It’s just an amazing experience.”

The 2022 Phillies ball girls squad Credit: Courtesy Jamie Deni

Procrastinator’s Guide to the November election in Philly

The midterm elections are upon us, and the Billy Penn Procrastinator’s Guide is here to help. Scroll through this cheat sheet to all the candidates and charter change questions, then bookmark it for easy access when you complete your mail ballot or head to the polls on Nov. 8. Read the guide in Spanish here.

RECAP: What else happened?

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The story you didn’t read

Highlighting good BP articles few people clicked on ?

  • Houston may have NASA, but Philly has Wawa. Houston has shorter commute times, but Philly is more walkable. From demographics to art institutions to rent, Asha Prihar ran the numbers on how the World Series cities stack up.

MAYOR WATCH: Oct. 28, 2022

The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia hosts its 222nd annual meeting at the Pa. Convention Center and Mayor Kenney will be there (12 p.m.). Today is National Vote Early Day, so the mayor then joins a mini GOTV party with the Committee of 70 on the north apron of City Hall (2 p.m.).


?If you’re a Swiftie — like half the Billy Penn staff — take note of Underground Arts’ Swemo Experience dance party, featuring TS songs mixed with emo tunes. Tickets are $13. (9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29)

? What’s it like to be adopted into and grow up with a Philly family, then travel back to your native Korea? That’s the subject of a new show at the Adrienne Theatre in West Philly. Tickets are $15. (7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4)