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Why Philadelphia posted lists of mail ballots that need fixing

About a third as many Philly voters requested mail ballots this year as in 2020. Reasons range from mistrust of the USPS to excitement about voting in person, Asha Prihar reports.

  • Some mail voters returned envelopes with errors — lacking a signature, no date, no secrecy envelope — so the City Commissioners posted a list asking people to “cure” their ballots by filling out a new one.

The RNC had sued to stop this practice, but didn’t win, so curing ballots is currently legal in Pa. Yet there’s been a ton of confusion, and even the New York Times had to issue a correction about the issue.

Philadelphia’s 2020 mail ballots in a secure area at the Pa. Convention Center Credit: Emma Lee / WHYY

Hundreds cheer the red carpet eating of 40th rotisserie chicken

For the 40th consecutive day, 33-year-old Philly resident Alexander Tominsky ate an entire rotisserie chicken — this time in front of a huge crowd.

  • A personal stunt that went viral and turned into performance art, the poultry-consuming event was the perfect antidote for a weekend of letdowns, attendees said.

Most of all, it just screamed Philly. “In another city, you get a text about chicken guy, you’d be like what on earth are you talking about?” one person told Asha Prihar, who documented the distinctive event.

Alexander Tominsky celebrates with the crowd finally finishing an entire rotiserie chicken for the 40th consecutive day Credit: Solmaira Valerio for Billy Penn

Procrastinator’s Guide to the November election in Philly

Election Day is tomorrow! The Billy Penn Procrastinator’s Guide is here to help. Scroll through this cheat sheet to all the candidates and charter change questions, then bookmark it for easy access when you complete your mail ballot or head to the polls. Read the guide in Spanish here.

RECAP: What else happened?

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The story you didn’t read

Highlighting good BP articles few people clicked on ?


The city is preparing its regular Election Day task force of attorneys and legal advisors, to help handle any challenges or situations that arise at the polls, and Mayor Kenney joins other officials at a press conference on Independence Mall to announce details (11 a.m.).


? Royal Boulangerie is celebrating 5 years in business with a free glass of bubbly for every customer who dines at the Old City spot. (Monday to Sunday, Nov. 7-13)

? Urban tree cover has been shown to bring social, health, and economic benefits. In a virtual forum, Philly’s forestry manager discusses the city’s plan to add more. (7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10)