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What else could you get for the cost of Pa.’s Senate race?

Pa.’s race for U.S. Senate was the second-most expensive in history. Between candidate campaigns and outside orgs, the total spend was about $375 million.

  • What else could you get for that sum? Statewide housing repairs and construction, for one thing. Or a Bryce Harper-caliber baseball player for a decade. It would cover city worker overtime!

Jordan Levy runs through some comparisons that help grok how much it really is, and breaks down how the political money actually got spent.

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AG looking into Ticketmaster’s T-Swift ‘trouble, trouble, trouble’

After years of people complaining about fees and glitches, Ticketmaster may face legal action because it messed with the wrong group: Taylor Swift fans.

  • Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro is one of the officials looking into the snafu, which saw Swifties experience widespread problems during the pre-sale of tickets to the pop star’s first tour since 2018.

Shapiro is starting by soliciting consumer complaints about the issue. Asha Prihar has more on the situation fans just can’t shake off.

RECAP: What else happened?

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The story you didn’t read

? Highlighting good BP articles few people clicked on ?

  • Some argue Philly is too diverse to settle on something as constricting as a standard burger — but if there was one, what would it be? Five chefs offer answers.


The Urban Affairs Coalition celebrates 53 years of coordinating community organizations with a breakfast at the Pa. Convention Center, where Mayor Kenney gives remarks (9 a.m.). He then steps over to another part of the building to kick off Philadelphia Marathon weekend, which is expected to bring 30,000 runners to town (11:15 a.m.).


? To celebrate the opening of a second location in Fishtown, Bagels & Co. is giving away free bagels with a schmear with a little help from local influencer Bran Edelman. (8 to 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 19)

? The Art Star Holiday Craft Bazaar takes over Rivers Casino with 80 local vendors offering prints, knits, and plenty of quirk — all for a $3 entry fee. (11 a.m to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 19-20)