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Why are so many mayoral candidates using orange?

Orange is relatively unusual for political campaigns, but nearly a third of the candidates for Philly mayor have embraced the bold hue.

  • Cherelle Parker, Allan Domb, and Jeff Brown all feature it prominently in their logos. Parker’s campaign says it’s always been her color. Domb’s says he’s used it before. Brown’s campaign ignored our questions.

There’s a potential reason they all could have cited, Asha Prihar reports, related to one of the city’s biggest crises: orange is the color for gun safety.

Three of Philly’s mayoral contenders are leaning into orange Credit: Respective candidate campaigns

Scent-based art exhibit thrills visually impaired visitors

There’s been a lot of chatter about the latest exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art — but a recent set of visitors brought a new perspective.

  • A group of visually impaired Philadelphians took a tour of the show by Scandinavian artist Sissel Tolaas, which features pieces that are based around scent and is open through Dec. 30.

The visit will inform future accessibility trainings, Lisa Bryant reports, but it was also “liberating,” one attendee said. “It felt like it leveled the playing field.”

Sissel Tolaas (center) leads members of the media through her exhibit, ‘RE______,’ at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Penn. Before her lie 365 sealed glass vials containing 365 exhaled breaths. Credit: Emma Lee / WHYY

RECAP: What else happened?

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The story you didn’t read

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Though there’s nothing on his public schedule today, Mayor Kenney appears to have made it past last week’s routine medical procedure without incident. He made a recorded appearance on the city’s Kwanzaa kickoff celebration, a virtual gathering and the lighting of Boathouse Row.


? To celebrate Kwanzaa, Lucien Blackwell Library hosts a “Taste of Africa” pop-up with free food and reflections on the meaning of Ujima — collective work and responsibility. (2 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 28)

?? Franky Bradley’s dance floor features a burlesque show billed as “A Celebration of Nerds.” Tickets are $15. (8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 28)