Closeup on blue rowhome doorway with scratched paint, and a painted gray cat sitting along the bottom, surrounded by a yellow painted wall with two trees painted on it.
Doorcat at 7th and Cecil B. (Instagram/@mollybgross)

RECAP: Looking back on the week that was

• Police watchdog group in turmoil

A third of Philadelphia’s police accountability board resigned in protest last week, as differences between the members of the Citizens Police Oversight Commission burst into public view. “It has become abundantly clear to me that this commission is dysfunctional, toxic, and unable to function as needed,” said the former vice-chair. Councilmember Jones described the problems as “growing pains,” noting CPOC is only a year old.
[Billy Penn/BP 2022]

• More junkyard fires, despite inspection blitz

Over a hundred firefighters rushed to the scene of yet another junkyard fire last Wednesday — just four days after the previous blaze that pumped pollutants into the air. Philadelphia has seen at least half a dozen over the past 12 months alone, a rate that is “certainly not normal,” per the deputy fire commissioner. L&I reportedly started a scrapyard inspection blitz in March.
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• Cherelle Parker gets a victory party

Two weeks after a dental emergency kept Cherelle Parker from her election night party, the Democratic mayoral nominee — whose career was launched by an impactful high school speech — finally got to celebrate with supporters. “I’m going to dance all night long,” she said in advance of the Friday night party at the Pa. Convention Center, and the Inky has photo proof she made good on the promise.  
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• Construction crews visit ‘Disney Hole’ parking lot

The day after Billy Penn published a story about sections of the parking lot at 8th and Market caving into the earth, construction crews were spotted at the site — which once was a literal hole in the ground after the DisneyQuest theme park fell through. Property owners currently list the site, across the street from the Fashion District and Jefferson Station, as a development opportunity.
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Love Park fountain and sprayground in front of Philadelphia City Hall. (Mark Henninger/Imagic Digital)

VISION: Looking forward to the week ahead

• Xylazine now a controlled substance in Pa.

As of this weekend, the horse tranquilizer xylazine is a controlled substance in Pa. Gov. Shapiro made the temporary reclassification (which allows vets to keep using it) to help curb the drug’s rapid spread on the street, where it’s known as tranq. Nearly all street opioids in Philly now contain it, per city officials, and its effects are calamitous — including festering wounds that won’t heal and keep people out of treatment centers.
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• ‘Keep the Mütter weird’ campaign gains steam

More than 10,000 people have signed an online petition to “protect the integrity” of the Mütter Museum after new leadership scrubbed its YouTube account of 450 videos and restricted access to some exhibits. The institution is famous for its “disturbingly informative” displays of medically interesting human remains — only some of which were donated voluntarily. .
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• New breweries join Philly Beer Week

Now in its 16th year, the annual citywide celebration known as Philly Beer Week runs now through next Sunday. With more than 30 breweries in the city, there’s a lot to enjoy. And despite a marked slowdown in the national scene, new beermakers continue to join Philly’s ranks — here are six to seek out.
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• Will Philadelphia shine at Beards?

The city is home to plenty of hirsute individuals, but we’re talking James Beard here: the awards ceremony known as the “Oscars of the food world” takes place Monday night, and Philly has several contenders. Will Friday Saturday Sunday win best restaurant? Will Fork’s Ellen Yin finally be recognized as outstanding restaurateur? Stay tuned, BP’s Ali Mohsen will report all the details as soon as they’re announced.
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