Corbett and Wolf hold party lines on women’s issues: Analysis


Editor’s note: Billy Penn is analyzing the Pa. Governor’s Race candidates by looking at 10 pressing issues for Pennsylvania millennials. Our first pieces looked at their stances on marijuana, liquor, educationhealth care, rideshare, the environment and guns. Up today: women’s issues.

Gov. Tom Corbett (R):

Corbett is firmly in the pro-life camp, signing into law a bill in 2013 which prohibits coverage of abortions under health plans sold in the Pennsylvania exchange that was created following Obamacare. Corbett also came under fire in 2012 for saying “Just close your eyes,” for when a woman who did not want to view an image of her unborn fetus before getting an abortion. The comment came about because of a proposed bill that required women to get an ultrasound 24 hours before they receive an abortion. The bill was eventually tabled.

Corbett also supports a policy that would not require employers to cover basic contraceptives in their employee’s health plans.

With regards to employment, Corbett’s wife has been on the campaign trail calling Corbett a “champion of women in the workforce” by citing the fact that seven women lead state agencies under Corbett. Buuuut porny emails. 

Challenger Tom Wolf (D):

Tom Wolf’s stances on reproductive rights stand largely along party lines and he’s pledged in the past that he’ll stand by “a woman’s right to choose.” However, his campaign website offers little to no concrete plans to address issues facing women.

With regard to pay gaps, Wolf’s campaign notes that he’ll “strengthen our existing equal pay law and hold employers accountable for gender discrimination,” but has offered little explanation on how he’ll go about doing so.

Despite the lack of concrete policy, Wolf’s been widely supported by women’s groups across the state and was endorsed by Planned Parenthood in September. He’s also taken plenty of opportunities to point out Gov. Corbett’s not-so-secret gaffes as they relate to women (they love to make dinner, etc.)

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