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Soooo it’s Friday — guess that means it’s time to start thinking about Halloween for those of us who, uh, procrastinate a bit.

Thanks to this fine city though, there are options for the last-minute planner in all of us.

Where to go:

1. I’m a sucker for a good prohibition-themed party. Try out the All Hallows Bash at P.S. and Co. in Rittenhouse. Tickets are 45 bucks for drinks and eats all night. And prizes for best costumes.

2. Hotel Monaco in Old City is having a Halloween party that’ll be Heaven and Hell- themed — of course, Heaven’s on the roof. Tickets are 30 bucks, and there’s an open bar from 10 to 11 p.m.

3. You can hit up International House in University City for Night of the Philly Dead: Brews and Brains, AKA a zombie-themed dance party. There’ll be catering, cocktails and craft beer.

4. Dance until 2 a.m. if you really feel like it at Johnny Brenda’s in Fishtown. They’ll be open 8 p.m. until closing time for their Universal Cave Halloween party.

5. McGillians’ Halloween party is a bit more ambiguous, but this is what caught my eye: Scary-oke. Oh, and themed drinks. What’s not to love?

6. Skanky Elsa could get a little awkward, but hey, we’re all into different things. Fado in Center City is having a Dirty Disney-themed costume party, but the reason I included this is because the winner of their costume contest wins an actual vacation. Also, no cover. If you can stomach it.

Uwishunu has the comprehensive lineup of Halloween happenings. So does Philebrity.

Who to follow:

Staying in for Halloween? That’s cool, too. Twitter should be nothing short of hilarious. Be sure to follow these local crime reporters who I’m sure will be tweeting out when someone dressed as Batman tries to scale a building or something like that.

– Morgan Zalot covers police and crime for the Daily News. Find her on Twitter @morganzalot.

– Robert Moran reports on the same for The Inky. Find him on Twitter at @RobertMoran215.

– And you can ALWAYS count on Philly’s tweeting cop for some good fun. Find him at @PPDJoeMurray.

What to wear:

Don’t have a costume yet? Same. There are lots of options. One year we made my dad wear a green sweatshirt and we wrapped stringed lights around him and plugged him in. Hey, Christmas tree dad.

These ideas are better:

1. Uwishunu put together a solid round-up of the top 10 best Philadelphia-themed Halloween costumes. You could always go with Rocky — easy, practical and warm! (Also check out those homies dressed as Ben Franklin for a chuckle.)


2. Want to get all 2012 on us? Put together a last-minute costume inspired by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

3. If you want to get away from the Philly-themed apparel, Fox 59 in Indianapolis put together a great little post on verrrrry last-minute costumes. You could be Tinder, but I’m partial to the Apparently Kid.

4. And if you love the Internet like we do, take one of these social media/ Internet inspired ideas from Huffington Post. You could be Yo, the Apple Watch or the cloud.


Bonus: If you’re from Pennsylvania, chances are you *may* have Googled a Slender Man costume. I’ll just leave this here.

What to bring:

If you find a house party to crash, try to not come empty-handed. Here are a few ideas better than fun-size Twix:

1. This pumpkin-y veggie tray is adorable, and can you say “easy?”

2. And if you and your friends are getting weird, there is actually no better drunk food than hot dogs wrapped in dough that look like ~mummies~

3. Speaking of, check out this Halloween-themed vampire cocktail. If anyone tries this and it actually works, please let me know.


4. But here’s my favorite recipe for the fall — it’s got lots of cumin, so you can get that nice, earthy fall flavor.

The Best Salsa You Ever Had

Mix together:

  • One bag of thawed frozen corn (white, sweet corn is the best)
  • One can of drained black beans
  • One small tomato
  • Half a red onion
  • A third of a cup of lime juice
  • A third of a cup of olive oil
  • A few sprigs of fresh cilantro
  • A tablespoon of cumin
  • Dash of salt and pepper

Chill the salsa and serve it with chips. It’ll be a hit, and it couldn’t be quicker.

5. Or, if you don’t feel like hitting up the grocery store, stop by Yards Brewery. The Rye IPA is good for fall and will work well at the Halloween party you were only sort of invited to.

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.