In the aftermath of the fastest call in the East — seriously, the networks gave Tom Wolf the governor’s chair not two minutes after the polls closed — stat wonks have pointed out that neither Tom Wolf nor Tom Corbett won their home counties. This is true: Wolf lost in conservative York County, while Corbett lost the usually-blue Allegheny County, both by margins greater than 13 percent.

But dig a little deeper into those numbers. Go down to the local level, to the district where the candidates walked in and cast their vote. Neither Corbett nor Wolf were losers there. Wolf voted in Mount Wolf, whose residents followed his lead. He won that district with 72.7 percent of the vote. No small feat, considering 66.5 percent of Mount Wolf  voters voted for Corbett in 2010.

As for Corbett, he voted in District 7, Ward 4 of Shaler Township. And guess what? People there still love him, at least a little bit! Corbett got 57 percent of the vote from his home district on Tuesday. Sure, that’s actually a drop from the 65 percent of the vote he nabbed there in 2010, but winning your home district is at least a little consolation when you make history by losing out on a second term and getting sued in the same day.

Then again, it wasn’t all roses for Tom C on Tuesday – these were the signs that greeted Corbett when he went in to vote:

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