In the Philadelphia Art Alliance’s historic(read: really, really cool) building last night, young artists and art aficionados came out to meet some of the city’s top artists and makers and look at their art, of course. This being an art event, we figured Instagram was the best medium to express the night.

First things, first — alcohol.

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And the artists in the community who were the “Makers.”

And of course the real stars of the night — the art.

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#soyp14 An Edifice Spectrum by Lauren Dombrowiak #Philly #art

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NOTHING EXCITES ME MORE THAN ART!!! AROO! #paaxclips #soyp14 @philaartalliance @paperclips215

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There was even a lamb bag.

#LAMBBAG is a solid crowd pleaser. #couturetaxidermy #SOYP14 #PAAxClips

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And a good night was had by all.