Philly’s First Snow Day: 10 Observations and Pics

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 10.17.43 AM

It’s a snow day, Philly. For newscasters that means some pretty hilarious wardrobe decisions and for the rest of us it means enjoying/having trouble driving/freezing/somehow still loving the beautiful scenery. Here are 10 observations from Instagrams of Philadelphia’s first snow of the season.

1. The big buildings have pretty much disappeared.

2. You probably shouldn’t leave your bike outside. 

3. Puppies are even cuter in the snow. 

4. Same with babies.

5. It won’t be an easy day for sparrows.

6. That balcony view will definitely pay off.

7. It still feels a little bit like Christmas.

8. Snow art is awesome art.

9. You’ll have the trails all to yourself.

10. Snow selfies aren’t happy selfies.