Hacking warmth in Philly: 7 ways to fight this brutal cold

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Great, it’s brutally cold again today and will be brutally cold again Thursday and probably many times throughout this cruel, three-month exercise known as winter. Given the freezing temperatures, here are seven tips for making it less miserable on yourself as you move about Philadelphia.

Be happy underground

The elements need not be braved when you’re walking east or west through the middle of Center City. There’s a tunnel for that. From Eighth and Market Street near Jefferson Station to 18th Street and JFK Boulevard just past Suburban Station you can walk in a tunnel. It’s much warmer than outside. You probably should purchase a hot chocolate or some sort of fragrant beverage/food beforehand to battle the smells, though.

Go to a bar/restaurant with a fireplace

There are plenty of them. Nothing warms up the soul like drinking by the fire.

Speaking of which, drink a warm, boozy beverage

Drinknation has the deets. Try delights like the Mexican Hot Chocolate at Citron and Rose, the Bourbon Infused Hot Apple Cider at Twisted Tail or one of nine boozy hot chocolates at The Abbaye.

Stand above one of those steam grates for a minute

Yeah, we’re not really sure what kind of chemicals are being vaporized into thin, but it will definitely feel good (Photo from Philadelphia Evening Bulletin via Temple University Libraries).

Eat soup

It’s probably what your mom would tell you to do when you’re cold. PhillyMag outlined the best places to find soup in the city.

Walk through buildings with front and back entrances

This is a big city. Several buildings in Center City are like this. Think big, like the massive Marriott hotel near the convention center and the governmental buildings. It’s a great way to escape the cold for a few minutes without disrupting your commute.

And remember, coffee is never too far away in Philadelphia

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 8.55.48 AM

Thank goodness for coffee shops. According to Yelp, Center City and its surrounding neighborhoods have more than 125 local shops, plus more than 25 each of Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts.

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