No Mayoral run for Darrell Clarke and no Yuengling for Tom Wolf fans: Philly news explained in the #BillyPennPlaylist

Phil C Clarke

Mayor Michael Nutter basically proclaims himself to the best mayor ever because of his own data, Council President Darrell Clarke decides not to run for mayor and Tom Wolf blows everyone away with an anti-Yuengling reveal. Billy Penn recaps those stories and more through music (Spotify playlist at the bottom).

“Over,” Drake

Council President Darrell Clarke is like, “I’m doing me, right now,” and decided not to run for mayor. He probably has more influence as the Council President anyway.

“Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore?” Phil Collins

The city’s labor unions really wanted to band together and use their influence to decide Philly’s next mayor. The chances of it happening aren’t looking too good, though, especially with Clarke out of the race.

“Power,” Kanye West

The old Fishtown power plant got sold this week to developer Bart Blatstein, who is best known for building the Piazza. He’ll probably turn it into two hotels.

“Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy),” Big & Rich

PPA, you might as well just put the horses away and give in at this point. Lyft is coming to Philadelphia soon. The ride sharing ecosystem is about to get even more complicated for you.

“Chevy Van,” Sammy Johns 

The guy who drove a Corvette into the Delaware was in trial on Thursday, and the testimony was obviously great. As for why he drove that Corvette into the river? Well, he wouldn’t have done it if his ex-wife would’ve let him use the van to pick up workers at a strip club.

“G.O.A.T.” LL Cool J

There’s one person who thinks Michael Nutter is the greatest mayor of all time in Philly: Michael Nutter. His data-driven report portrayed him as a driving force in turning around the city, but how much of a difference did he really make?

“Just,” Radiohead 

The NRA is suing Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster over their gun laws. Remember, Pennsylvania, you did this to yourself!

“Banditos,” The Refreshments

Everybody knows the world is full of stupid people, and it just so happens some of them are in Pennsylvania. Case in point: Pa. Rep. Darryl Metcalfe. Earlier this week, he said of embroiled attorney general Kathleen Kane, “There is a difference, I think, between a woman and a lady and I would say that the AG is a woman.”

“I’m Not The Only One,” Sam Smith

Certainly, La Colombe isn’t the only coffee Sam Smith has ever loved. But when the male version of Adele celebrates Philly by saying La Colombe is “fucking glorious” we’ll take it.

“Bottoms Up,” Trey Songz

Drink whatever you want at Tom Wolf’s inauguration bash next week, as long as it’s not Yuengling. He doesn’t want it there because…politics.

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