It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Philadelphia is busy remembering his legacy. City and state officials like Mayor Michael Nutter, Council President Darrell Clarke and D.A. Seth Williams have been honoring the memory of King through speeches, social media and service.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – MLK Jr.,

— Seth Williams (@DASethWilliams) January 19, 2015

Indifference + inaction are the enemies of #justice. Let’s vow to do more to uphold his legacy #MLKDay2015 — Darrell Clarke (@Darrell_Clarke) January 19, 2015

On MLK Day of service, let’s commit to nonviolence, voting and community engagement. Peaceful protest respects the life and legacy of MLK.

— Michael A. Nutter (@Michael_Nutter) January 19, 2015

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr. #do2015 #pennmlk15

— Douglas I. Oliver (@douglasioliver) January 19, 2015

Today we pause to honor the life, the courage and the sacrifice of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

— PAHouseDems (@PaHouseDems) January 19, 2015

.@SenBobCasey speaks to 135K+ volunteers for the 20th annual MLK Day of Service #MLKDay2015 @PhillyDailyNews

— Jenny DeHuff (@RuffTuffDH) January 19, 2015

Elsewhere throughout the area, nonprofits, schools and other organizations are celebrating the holiday through service. Some schoolchildren are painting famous quotes of King while others are cleaning up Philadelphia parks.

Kicking off #MLKDayofService in #TaconyCreekPark:Bingham St+Roosevelt Blvd. @PhilaParkandRec #DiscoverTCP #MLKDay2015

— TTF Watershed (@TTFWatershed) January 19, 2015

Painting on #MLKDayofService @americorps @SERVEPhila @CityYearPhilly @MLKDay

— Phila Health Corps (@PhilaHealthCorp) January 19, 2015

Painting the skyline of Philadelphia on the wall!! #MLKDayofService #CYMLK @CityYearPhilly

— Phila Health Corps (@PhilaHealthCorp) January 19, 2015

#MLKDayofService @buildOn #Aberdeen @PhiladelphiaGov #FurnessHS #BartlettAndCo @GSKUS @HSBC_US

— BABC Philadelphia (@BABC_PHL) January 19, 2015

Excited to serve with @CityYearPhilly on this #MLKDayofService

— Phila Health Corps (@PhilaHealthCorp) January 19, 2015

Making a lot of PB&J’s with Camden students for homeless people. #rutgers #camden #MLKDayofService

— Thomas Egan (@tegan14) January 20, 2014

Putting in work! @sarah_wahiba @RoccoAq @jjdunkalot @ebonyw1992 #mlkdayofservice #girardcollege

— Ian Tobin (@I_Tob26) January 20, 2014

Pat Schwartz and VISTA Jen Saigal reppin’ national service today! #MLKDay2015 @nationalservice @GPCAHunger

— SERVE Philadelphia (@SERVEPhila) January 19, 2015

6th graders are busy painting signs for the Weaver’s Way Farm #schacademy #MLKDay2015 #weaversway #DayOfService

— Saburah F. Posner (@saposner) January 19, 2015

The French International School of Philadelphia is very proud to be part of MLK day 2015 ! #MLKDay2015

— Fabparadise (@FabParadise) January 19, 2015

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