DNC 2016

Three videos Philly should use to boost its DNC bid


Brooklyn is trying so hard to get the Democratic National Convention to come to NYC that it’s created a bunch of professionally-produced videos featuring celebs (and some random people!).

Like this:

And this:

And this:

Meanwhile, Philly has released precisely zero of these. So basically the city’s all:


Look, a decision is expected soon. (Columbus is on the shortlist too — bc swing state.)

And here’s the thing: Philly doesn’t need to produce videos featuring local celebs. We already have great videos that we should send to the DNC to convince them Philly is the way to go. We can start off with this awesome (and new!) Visit Philly video promoting the city. The montage is complete with the Phanatic, the Liberty Bell, the Art Museum, a drone pic of Billy Penn and a hipster buying craft beer.

OR! We could just use this one and tell the DNC that there would be nothing better for a presidential campaign than Hilary running up the Art Museum stairs. Just imagine…

Here, I’ll help you with that visualization:

Philadelphia Museum of Art Pennsylvania

Or, we could just go with a video that shows what Philly is like every day: filled with superheroes.

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