What Tom Wolf’s party guests (and me) ate: Elk and cheesesteak quesadillas… but no Yuengling

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 6.47.41 PM

Reporters sometimes get weird assignments from their editors; Billy Penn is not immune to this. That’s why I’m here at Tom Wolf’s inaugural party, sampling the foods — because the Associated Press predicted “just about everything” at the party “will have a Pennsylvania angle.”

And my editor decided to send me. Welp, after a stroll through the “Let’s Get It Started” party in scenic Hershey, Pa., I’m happy to report the AP was right. Boy, were they right.

The governor’s party features a decent selection of bottled beers at its open bar, including two different Yards beers (Brawler and Pale Ale) as well as Troeg’s; central PA favs like Appalachian Brewing and Susquehanna Brewing were also on hand. Peep this selection…


But what you DON’T see is Yuengling. The great Yuengling-gate of 2015 continued tonight as more people began to realize that, yes, the lager is *not* being served here. It might be because politics, but we’ll never know for sure. (FWIW, Victory isn’t here, either.)

The party is also featuring three cocktails: The 47, a nod to the 47th governor, which has vodka and some cream in it. Then there’s the William Penn (some blue drink that I have seen zero people actually order, despite secretly willing it to happen for the whole party) and the Mount Wolf … which is just a whiskey sour. Below are the Mount Wolf and the 47.


And these are the wines being served at the open bar — they’re from a mix of California and Pennsylvania wineries.


This is the Hunter’s Elk Meatloaf, which is probably just the most central PA hunting thing they could possibly think of:


This is the “smoked pike,” which is a meaty fish:




There was also a TON of polish food, which makes sense and all. The pierogies had a Kennett Square mushroom Brandy sauce which was quite tasty, if I do say so myself.


And HAAAAALELUJAH SOME PRIME RIB. Sources say this man below is a local hero:


There was also a super swanky White Rose Lounge, named after the symbol of York County. (That’s where Tom is from!) And all the food in that room was white:


But you guys, if you’re at Tom Wolf’s inauguration party tonight, say hi! I’m the one in the black, and I’ll be standing casually by this table all night.