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DNC 2016: If the convention comes here, it’ll basically be Phillywood

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Look, we’ve talked about how the 2016 Democratic National Convention would be huge for Philly. You’ve seen lots of stories about how much money the city would make, and also how it would probably kind of suck to do many of the things you like to do — take SEPTA eat at restaurants, etc.

But what nobody’s said so far is just how many celebrities will flock to this thing — it wasn’t a super big deal back when the GOP convention was in Philly, because Republicans are about as welcome in Hollywood as a fart in church.

If the DNC comes to Philly, it’ll be like the east coast version of Hollywood. In 2012, when the DNC was held in Charlotte, N.C., celebrities ranging from Scarlett Johansson to John Legend to Kim Kardashian to Pit Bull made appearances. (The RNC hosted Clint Eastwood, Jon Voight and a bunch of country singers.) Other high-profile celebs with ties to the Democratic party include Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eminem, Michael Jordan and lots more.

So in addition to dealing with where to put the thousands of Democrats flooding the city in July 2016, Philly will also have to figure out where to put the famous people and their entourages — especially since their go-to hotel might not be available.

Daily News gossip columnist Molly Eichel pointed out to Billy Penn that celebrities often sack up at the high-end Four Seasons hotel at Logan Square. But that hotel may not be available at the time, as it’s planning a move to the new Comcast high-rise tower that’s not slated to open until late 2017.

If they can’t snag a spot at the Four Seasons, Eichel said other popular hotels for celebs are Hotel Monaco at Fourth and Chestnut or Hotel Sofitel near 17th and Sansom. But there’s a big difference between Philly and Charlotte — proximity to New York.

Eichel said when celebrities visit Philadelphia for just a day, they tend to swing back to the apartments they undoubtedly have in New York for the night so they can sleep in their own beds. Sigh, you might not be able to catch John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen at local hotels.

But you might be able to spot the famous people if you can snag a reservation at one of the city’s fancy schmancy restaurants. Eichel said celebs tend to grab a bite at Stephen Starr restaurants, most commonly Parc near 18th and Locust.

Because nothing says “Philly” like $40 plates at a French restaurant in Rittenhouse.

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