Icy Philly: 8 stunning weather photos that aren’t screenshots of the temperature

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We at Billy Penn know how difficult this morning has been. You can’t fathom the thought of leaving the office (or your house) to go get a coffee and your Instagram feed has been flooded with everyone and their mother screenshotting their weather app. Rough day.

Here are eight photos of how icy Philly is just to remind you that you probably shouldn’t leave the indoors:

1. Frozen Genny Ice? Frozen Genny Ice.

#philly is unbelievably #FREEZING today.

A photo posted by juliamouse (@juliamouse) on

2. There’s only one thing better than a dog wearing a coat: A dog wearing two coats.

3. Scary: power lines in West Philly were completely frozen over with icicles by this morning after a fire at 52nd and Locust turned a building into an ice sculpture. (Philly Mag has more photos of the incident here.)

Right now in west #philly

A photo posted by Laurenté


4. Hell hath frozen over, AKA there’s ice… underground…

Inside my subway station #philly #freezing #isfloridaormiamihiring #overit

A photo posted by Blake Davis (@bdavisk) on

5. Welcome to Philly/ the North Pole. (Insert sarcastic #whyilovephilly here.)

6. Dear cyclists today: Praying 4 u.


A photo posted by Sarah McLaughlin (@sarah_mae_mc) on

7. Want to go for a dip in the Delaware, anyone?  

8. And a lovely, icy Rittenhouse Square is totally empty.

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