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Which Philly athlete do people think is No. 1? More specifically, the people hanging out at Cavanaugh’s at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday?

We showed the Billy Penn Ultimate Philly Athlete bracket to bar-goers and asked who deserves to win the match-ups.

The best of the results of our visit to the Center City sport bar is below.

Kevin, 29, Montgomery County

“Dr. J will be the winner.” Kevin sounded pretty convinced of this. However, he was upset that Reggie White knocked off Chase Utley in an earlier round. He feels Utley means more to the city and has done more, since White left to play for the Packers.

(Kevin first told Billy Penn he “didn’t agree with your premise,” whatever that means; he then proceeded to passionately argue Utley’s merits, and Dr. J’s dominance.)

Todd, 32, Originally from Ohio

“Wilt gets my vote because he went to KU (The University of Kansas),” Todd, also a KU graduate, said.

Todd mostly agreed with the online voters from the earliest match-ups through the Elite Eight. After deliberating between Dr. J and Wilt Chamberlain, he gave the nod to Wilt.

Lacey (the bartender), 30, Northern Liberties

Lacey’s final two came down to Wilt Chamberlain and Bobby Clark, but she ended up rooting for Wilt.

“As a basketball player across the board, he’s just legendary… he’s the pinnacle of sports.”

Hmm, wonder how Michael Jordan would feel about that…

Nick, 23, D.C.

“I got Wilt… No. 1 seed goes all the way.”

Why does someone not too terribly interested in Philly sports have an opinion? “If you score 100 points in basketball … you’re just amazing.” Well said, Nick.

Eric, 33, Wynnewood

Eric picks Joe Frazier, making him the first person to pick a non-basketball player to make it all the way through the bracket.

“I’m probably biased. I met the guy before he died. He was such a gentleman. He was born in Philly, raised in Philly, and he has a gym in Philly… that guy is just Philly, Philly, Philly.”

Not to worry Eric, everybody making these selections is biased. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Steve, 58, Center City

We like Steve’s style. He tried to convince us he’s 12 years old before admitting his true age.

Steve picked Dr. J. “I remember him as being one of the best players … and he’s a great business man.”

Steve wasn’t lying. Dr. J invested invested in a Philadelphia bottling operation for Coca-Cola in September, 2006.

Steve wasn’t done, though. “Wilt Chamberlain made it this far because he slept with almost 8,000 people.” And then: “Allen Iverson was an asshole … at least he got one round.” WHOA, Steve!

We also stopped over at the Wrap Shack at 18th and Sansom. Because asking people about Philly athletes can really work up an appetite.

Ciaran, 22, West Philly

Ciaran went with Wilt, but took a minute to take a shot at LeBron.

“He played basketball and he was untouchable. He would still be the best if he played today.”

Ciaran’s actual favorite Philly athlete has already been eliminated, though. Sorry, Brian Dawkins.

Scott, 39, Lower Merion

Scott simply had this to say: “Bobby Clarke has been around longer than anyone.”

OK then.

Brian, 30, Bucks County

Brian was really torn between Wilt Chamberlain and Joe Frazier.

“Wilt and Joe are two unbelievable players with unbreakable records … it’s a coin flip but I’d give it to Wilt.”

So maybe not that torn.

Wilt was by far the favorite among everyone we talked to, and online voters pretty much agree. He has 59 percent of the votes so far in the bracket’s Elite Eight Round. Also likely to advance: Mike Schmidt over Richie Ashburn, Dr. J over Joe Frazier and Bobby Clarke over Reggie White.

Elite Eight voting ends Friday at noon.

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