UPDATE: All the Philly forecasters got the snowstorm right

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Everybody piles on TV forecasters when they get things wrong — particularly if what everyone thinks is a huge snowstorm just doesn’t land. But in this case, they were right.

Congratulations to NBC 10’s Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz. Meteorologists from all the major networks predicted the region’s largest snowfall would come on Thursday, and he particularly nailed it. According to measurements at PHL from the National Weather Service, Philly got 7.5 inches of snow on Thursday. Schwarz called for 6 inches or more, a higher minimum than any other network in the area.

Everyone else had a low estimate of 4 or 5 inches but still had a predicted range that included the actual amount of 7.5 inches. And hey, that’s a nice recovery for them after the January debacle. Let’s hope this is the last time anyone is predicting heavy snow. If not, we’ll be around to check on the forecasters.

6ABC, Cecily Tynan: 4-8 inches, also hedging with the possibility of 1.1

CBS Philly, Kate Bilo: 4-8 inches

Fox 29, Scott Williams: 5-8 inches, maybe even a little more

National Weather Service: 4-8 inches

NBC 10, Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz: 6 inches or more

Weather Savior and Philly.com, John Bolaris: 5-to-8 inches

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