Lynne Abraham gets knocked down but gets up again, Kathleen Kane’s staff “shattered”: #BillyPennPlaylist

Playslist April 10

A fox was eating a goose at Wal Mart, Lynne Abraham fainted and Mayor Michael Nutter threw shade at the candidates gunning for his job. It was kind of a crazy week. As always, Billy Penn, recaps those stories and more and couples them with music as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“All I Do Is Win,” DJ Khaled

Huge victory for Comcast. The city released its report on the cable company, and it turns out only 25 percent of Philly customers are unsatisfied.

“Tubthumping,” Chumbawamba

Lynne Abraham fainted at the first televised mayoral debate on Tuesday night, saying she hadn’t eaten all day. The next day she was dancing to 50 Cent.

“Shattered,” O.A.R.

Kathleen Kane lost her sixth spokesperson since taking office in January 2013. In other Kane personnel moves, Kane might land back in court for firing a high-ranking aide who testified against her in the leak case.

“Case of the Fake People,” TLC

Nutter is not a fan of what the Democratic mayoral candidates have been saying about schools. He wants them to get more specific and to “cut the phoniness.”

“I’ll String Along With You,” Diana Krall

Tony Williams had some beef with an article published on The Next Mayor last week illustrating that some of Williams’ biggest financial backers had gained the most from a tax break program. This week, he called out the author, Ryan Briggs, by referring to him as a “blogger or string-along person.”

“Click Click Boom,” Saliva

A Drexel law professor sent a link she wishes nobody would have clicked on. She wrote an email mentioning an article about brief writing, buuuuut the link was actually a porno about anal beads.

“Brand New Key,” Melanie

In addition to Spruce Street Harbor Park this summer, we’re also getting a roller skating rink on the Delaware Riverfront. Time for those elementary school skating party feelings to return.

“Going Away to College,” Blink 182

The Community College of Philadelphia announced Sunday it would offer free tuition to any graduate of a Philadelphia high school as part of its 50th anniversary.

“International Players Anthem,” UGK feat. Outkast

Wawa, The Philly Pretzel Factory, Tony Luke’s and Rita’s are planning international expansions. It brings up the question, of course: Will people actually buy soft pretzels in Asia?

“The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?),” Yvlis

A scene from the National Geographic Channel unfolded in front of us on Sunday, when a fox ate a goose in the South Philly Wal Mart parking lot.

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