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With the weather getting warmer, it seems like Philadelphia just wants to party. Lynne Abraham was trying to be young this week, and state Rep. Jordan Harris is trying to make the city better for young people through his bill that would extend bar hours until 4 a.m. And Penn students get one of their most fun weekends of the year this weekend — and it includes Kesha. As always, Billy Penn recaps these stories and all the other big ones from this week and combines them with music in the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Enter Sandman,” Metallica

The city is inviting the public right into the lion’s den. That’s right, you can provide input on the city’s negotiations with Comcast in a series of public meetings. Considering 25 percent of Comcast subscribers aren’t exactly happy, these could get interesting.

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“Young Folks” Peter Bjorn and John

Lynne Abraham tried to kick it with the kids this week. She played video games and then bottled whiskey.

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“3 AM,” Matchbox Twenty

You won’t have to be lonely at 3 a.m. anymore if local state Rep. Jordan Harris’ plan comes to fruition. He wants Philly bars to stay open until 4 a.m. in a bid to enhance Philly’s nightlife, but these ideas have failed before.

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“We R Who We R” Kesha

Penn’s Spring Fling is this weekend. Historically, it’s been the time for undercover cops, underage drinking, lots of fun, sometimes riots and this year: Kesha.

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“Final Countdown,” Europe

The #LOLSixers passed their final test of the season, out-tanking the Miami Heat in a game they needed to lose if they wanted to receive the Heat’s draft pick. But unfortunately you can’t lose them all. To have a good chance of getting the Heat’s draft pick, the #LOLSixers needed the Brooklyn Nets to lose as well. That didn’t happen. Next season awaits!

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“Gucci Gucci,” Kreayshawn

The Gallery is going to get fancy, real fancy. Once its makeover is complete it will feature stores like Gucci, Prada and Burberry.

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“Survivor,” Destiny’s Child

Milton Street is still on the ballot for mayor. He survived yet another challenge to his candidacy, this time about being registered as an independent. We’re about a month out from the election, and you’ll probably get the opportunity to vote for Street.

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“Foolish Games,” Jewel

Craziness is happening between Philadelphia state pols. State Rep. Kevin Boyle claimed Lt. Gov. Mike Stack’s wife, Tonya Stack, flipped him off and threw soda on him at Northeast Philly parish hall on Saturday. Who throws soda?

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“Rude,” Magic

Philadelphia’s City Council and Mayor Michael Nutter agreed on this bill that would mandate paid sick leave for employees in our city. Most everyone wanted it. And now we won’t get it because the state Senate decided to flex its power.

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“No Rain,” Blind Melon

Guys, the guitarist for the famous ’90s band Blind Melon is here in Philadelphia. And he’s a lawyer.

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