#PhillyIsBaltimore protests in the ‘Heart of the City,’ Mayor Nutter is ‘Popular’: #BillyPennPlaylist

May 1 playlist

Protests returned, Mayor Michael Nutter achieved a little more glory before his tenure ends and Eagles fans, apparently, aren’t that bad with that whole English language thing. Like every week, Billy Penn covers those stories and more, paired with music as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Heart of the City,” Jay-Z

It was a familiar scene in the middle of Center City on Thursday: Hundreds of people rallying in protest after the death of a black man in a different city at the hands of police. This protest was reportedly a touch more disorderly than those in recent months, with a few arrests after a clash near Vine Street. Click here to read an anonymous Philly police officer’s account on “evil” cops and how to heal after Baltimore.

“The New Love Song,” The Avett Brothers

New political candidate Ori Feibush is running in the 2nd District to take down first-term Councilman Kenyatta Johnson. And somebody is falling love with the new guy: The Inquirer wrote an editorial Thursday endorsing Feibush.

“Words I Don’t Remember,” How To Dress Well

Lynne Abraham has apparently decided to backtrack on her original words/take the silent route when it comes to her hiring to represent and investigate Sandusky’s charity, The Second Mile. At a forum this week, she backed down from a question about it.

“Popular,” Nada Surf

Mayor Michael Nutter is apparently the best around. Other mayors from all over the United States are in love with him. In a Politico poll, Nutter topped the list of most-admired mayors.

“Found Out About You,” Gin Blossoms

Eagles fans may be known for hardcore tailgating and making life hell for opposing teams, but that’s not the only thing. They are expert grammarians compared to their peers. According to a Wall Street Journal study, their fans have better grammar than all but two other teams in the NFL.

“Garden Grove,” Sublime

Woo-hoo, summer is right around the corner. The Philadelphia Horticultural Society announced this week where its three pop-up beer gardens would be this summer. The results? The 1400 block of South Street (like last year), 9th and Wharton and 18th and Cherry.

“Coming of Age,” Foster The People

Oh, hi Milton Street on Twitter. It’s about time!

“10 Mile Stereo,” Beach House

Good luck to anybody running 10 miles in the Broad Street Run this Sunday. And if you want some motivation, try reading this piece about the first women’s finisher in the history of the race.

“This Is How We Do,” Katy Perry

It was as good of a debut weekend as Indego could have asked for. More than 1,000 people used the bike share service for a total of about 3,500 rides, and no major glitches were reported. 

“In Bloom,” Nirvana

It might finally be safe to say the terrible weather is behind Philly. May is here, and this Wednesday was as beautiful a day as we’ve had all year.

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