Comcast has a large building to fill. To be precise, by 2018 it will need to fill the 59 floors of its second tower. Already, a few decisions have been made about which departments are going to be working in the building when it is finished, though little is clear about the exact floors they’ll be on.

Here are four things to know about what will be going on inside Comcast 2 — and by the way, no floor will have that cool slide.

It will be all Comcast/NBC

Originally, Comcast planned to have the building be split at 75 percent Comcast and 25 percent outside tenants. It now plans to use every floor of the building — as it does in the original Comcast tower — except for space at the top that will include the Four Seasons Hotel. Spokespersons Katie Lubenow and John Demming say the Comcast employees who get to move to the new building will be those who work in technology, people like technologists, software engineers and software architects. Somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 Comcast employees are expected to work in the building.

We won’t be getting national NBC execs

The big guns of Comcast/NBCUniversal are staying in New York. But the local NBC and Telemundo affiliates will be moving in.

Comcast will let local startups incubate

Comcast will be paying the rent but helping out a few area startups. The company plans to reserve about a full floor or half a floor to incubate those companies at the beginning of their business’ lives.

Comcast 2 will have a concourse connection with Suburban Station and new shops

Cool new shops are coming for everyone. In a tunnel that will connect Comcast 2 with Suburban Station, there will be new stores and restaurants that have yet to be determined.

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