8 Philly TV reporters toss the winter fashion for suits, tank tops and goggles

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So the bomb cyclone and the polar vortex and the scary winter weather words aren’t happening in Philly anymore, and the best way for us to be finally certain that summer is here (besides the calendar) is by the fashion choices of our astute television reporters.

The men on TV have folded up their team coverage uniforms in favor of dapper suits, and the ladies on TV are already favoring tank tops. But there was one summer weather outfit that has stuck out above all the rest, and it involves swimming goggles.

Here are eight local TV reporters sporting the summer weather outfits:

Let’s talk first about suits: Big fan of Fox 29’s Bruce Gordon‘s tan sport coat, no tie combo. He’s so approachable! Relatable! Presidential! 

Here’s NBC10’s Matt DeLucia earlier this week with a nice yellow/ blue contrast for the evening news.

6ABC’s Dann Cuellar wins all of the awards for his STELLAR tie game by rocking PINK. YESSSS.


Let’s move onto the ladies. Fox29’s Dawn Timmeney is super brave for wearing a tank top, but then again, it was 88 degrees. Cheers to somehow not sweating on TV, Dawn!

NBC10’s Katy Zachry is on her straight up necklace GAME with this chunky, layered piece along with a subtle shirt.

AND this decked-out collar, too:

6ABC’s Melissa Magee maybe drew the short stick by having to stand on a porch down the shore but at least she’s wearing a cool headband scarf thing. Not sure I understand the jacket in 83-degree weather, but hey! Maybe it was windy!

But the winner of the summer weather gear contest is Fox29’s Quincy Harris, who hung out at some sort of mud pit bash in Newtown Square and wore a literal T-shirt and swimming goggles on his head bc summer.


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