‘Big, empty’ prison bill for City Council, millennial vote = ‘dead air’: #BillyPennPlaylist

Playlist Draw June 12

This week, things Philadelphia thought might have happened didn’t exactly happen that way. For example: Did the two New York prison escapees take a cab in Philadelphia, as a cabbie reported? No, they didn’t. Did the millennials vote in May’s election? No, they didn’t. Here’s Billy Penn’s handy weekly recap of these stories and more, paired with music, as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist (scroll to the bottom for the Spotify list).

“Dead Air,” Chvrches

For all the talk of Philadelphia’s millennial growth, they didn’t show any increased influence at the polls last month. Only 12 percent of people between the ages of 18-to-34 voted in the election — about 38,000 — even though they represent the largest group of registered voters.

“Open Up Your Eyes,” Tonic

Philly got a slight scare on Thursday morning when a cabbie reported to police he thought he gave a ride to the two murderers who escaped from prison in upstate New York. He was wrong, though. They weren’t the escapees. Just wasn’t seeing clearly.

“Life Goes On,” 2Pac

R.I.P. parking on the City Hall apron come January. Not too many people will miss you, except for high-ranking Philadelphia employees.

“Big Empty,” Stone Temple Pilots

Philadelphia City Council might be spending $7.3 million on a new prison in the Northeast and the deal seems a little shady. Council decided to hold the measure on Thursday. No one is really providing a lot of information for why.

“Finish What I Started,” Will Butler

The guy who’s redeveloping the Divine Lorraine says he has enough money for the project and should begin redevelopment in a month. Maybe he’ll actually get the job done this time.

“More Human Than Human,” White Zombie 

Mark Squilla recently went to a rally where people were saying “White Lives Matter.” He said it wasn’t racially motivated and that he would do it all over again.

“Be Prepared,” Scar from the Lion King

The Market Frankford Line and Broad Street Line hit a snag on Wednesday. Hopefully SEPTA will be getting ready for the massive crowds when the pope and the DNC roll into town.

“Party Up,” DMX

Beer at Wawa!

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