Will Philadelphia be able to handle the Pope? The city held its first major update on his visit this week and let it be known that people needed to get used to walking everywhere rather than drive or take SEPTA like normal. Elsewhere, poor signs of infrastructure were afoot in West and Northwest Philly with bursting water mains. Billy Penn goes over these stories and more, combining them with music, as part of the weekly #BillyPennPlaylist.

“The Kids Aren’t Alright,” Offspring

The GOP is hosting its annual leadership shindig in Philadelphia this weekend. So far, people have dissed Donald Trump, and Rick Santorum told a story over breakfast about the time a dog peed in his lap. Expect plenty of indictments of our current political/cultural state to come.


“Change Clothes,” Jay-Z 

The #LOLSixers announced new uniforms. They actually look pretty good. It’s too bad games aren’t decided by fashion.

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“Back Stabbers,” The O’Jays 

A robbery was foiled in the River Wards because you should most definitely not bring a wimpy knife into a sushi restaurant. That’s what a would-be robber did, and then two restaurant employees showed their sushi knives. The robber left.


“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall,” Coldplay

Bad week for water in Philadelphia. On Sunday, a main broke and caused flooding in West Philly. On Thursday, another main broke near Hunting Park and there was more flooding. Maybe it should be expected. We have really old pipes!

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“I’m On A Boat” Lonely Island feat. T-Pain

We can finally say we’re on a boat in the Delaware, a boat of the water taxi variety. Friday morning, the DWRC announced it would let people take water taxis up and down the Delaware for $4 this weekend to test them out.

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“These Boots Are Made for Walkin,’” Nancy Sinatra

The city got around to giving its first update on Pope prep this week. The main message from Mayor Michael Nutter: You’re going to have to walk, a lot. SEPTA will have fewer stops, and driving should be impossible.

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“I Got The Hook Up,” Master P feat. Sons of Funk 

You can’t say the Phillies aren’t entertaining. In their 17-3 loss to Baltimore on Tuesday, they let outfielder Jeff Francoeur get shelled while throwing 48 pitches in two innings. He wasn’t supposed to be out there for that long, but the Phillies couldn’t tell anyone in the bullpen to replace him. The phone was off the hook. 


“Closing Time,” Semisonic

Maybe don’t plan on going to Belmar for your Shore trip. The mayor said Sunday the city was full and decided to temporarily close it to visitors.

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