Like restaurants, bars and beer distributors are under obligation to follow a litany of requirements and regulations that are set by the Liquor Control Board and enforced by State Police, whether it’s keeping certain records or just not selling booze to minors.

Through a request with the State Police’s Liquor Control Enforcement Division, Billy Penn found the following bars in Philly racked up the highest number of violations charges in the last three years. After the police charge the establishment, the cases then go onto the Liquor Control Board, which will levy sanctions if necessary ranging from fines to license suspensions. The amounts of those depend on the severity of the charges, with one bar on this list racking up five figures in fines.

Violations that the State Police regulate include proper cleaning practices, loud music and the enforcement of not selling alcohol to minors or after hours. Those closing hours are regulated at 2 a.m. for regular bars and restaurants, and 3 a.m. for private clubs that must sell memberships.

From Mayfair, to Fishtown, to University City, these are the top 10 licensees within the city limits that have had the most liquor-related charges in the last three years:

1. Current name: Candela’s Bar and Restaurant

Licensee name: Little Portugal Café, Inc.

Address: 718 Adams Ave. in Lawncrest

Number of violations charged with: 12

Violation highlights: Failing to remove all patrons by 2:30 a.m., selling alcohol after hours between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m., failing to maintain complete and truthful records for a period of two years, selling alcohol after their license expired, selling alcoholic beverages to a minor, selling alcoholic beverages on Sunday between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m., allowed people to dance to music through speakers until 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday prior to 7 a.m.

Penalties: Since 2013, the LCB has slapped the licensee with $9,950 in fines and multiple license suspensions.

2. Current name: University City Beverage

Licensee name: 4300 DK Inc.

Address: 4300 Walnut St. in University City

Number of violations charged with: 9

Violation highlights: Permitting minors to frequent the store, sold or delivered malt or brewed beverages from something other than the licensed premises, records violations and delivering beer in a vehicle not properly registered, delivered without proper sales invoices.

Penalties: Accumulated $2,200 in fines as well as a license suspension since January 2013.  One count of selling alcohol to minors was dismissed by the LCB.

3. Current name: McNoodles Irish Pub

Licensee name: 19135 VanDike Enterprises, Inc.

Address: 7356 Frankford Ave. in Mayfair

Number of violations charged with: 9

Violation highlights: Sales to minors, minors permitted to frequent location, selling an indefinite amount at a fixed price (Ex.$5 all-you-can-drink), failing to remove all patrons by 2:30 a.m., smoking inside, after-hours sales, failed to properly post their health license.

Penalties: $500 in fines and a license suspension were levied against the business. Counts against the bar regarding sales to minors were dropped after the witnesses “did not appear and their whereabouts are unknown.”

4. Current name: Johnny Brenda’s

Licensee name: Manpants, LLC

Address: 1201 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown

Number of violations charged with: 8

Violation highlights: Loud speaker violation, sale to a minor, failing to maintain cleaning records for beverage dispensing system, failing to post “no smoking” signs, failed to properly post health license.

Penalties: The LCB hasn’t yet levied penalties with regard to the charges. Update June 23: Johnny Brenda’s book keeper Lisa Stolis told Billy Penn that the bar will contest a charge of selling to a minor, saying an LCB plant in the bar looked to be “over 30 years old.” She added that the bar is attempting to work with a neighbor “in good faith” to solve problems related to noise complaints.

5. Magyar Othon Hungarian Club

Licensee name: Magyar Otthon Hungarian Club

Address: 4210 Whitaker Ave. in Feltonville

Number of violations charged with: 8

Violation highlights: Sales to non-members, failing to maintain truthful and complete records, smoking, sales after 3 a.m., permitting minors to frequent the location, failure to post “no smoking” signs, didn’t post suspension as required and sold alcohol when their license was suspended.

Penalties: The LCB levied $6,100 in fines as well as temporary license suspensions. Records show the club, which was considered a nonprofit, had its nonprofit status revoked by the IRS for failure to file the proper forms.

6. Current name: Cavanaugh’s University City

Licensee name: 39th and Sansom Streets Corporation

Address: 119 S. 39th St. in University City

Number of violations charged with: 7

Violation highlights: Sales to a visibly intoxicated person, sales to a minor, sold malt or brewed beverages in excess of 192 fluid ounces to a single person (in six-pack form), loud speakers.

Penalties: The LCB hit the bar with $1,700 in fines.

7. Current name: Halftime Good Times

Licensee name: Halftime-Goodtime, Inc.

Address: 120 W. Diamond St. in Kensington

Number of violations charged with: 7

Violation highlights: Fortified or contaminated liquor that could be refilled, possessing a gambling device on their premises, selling alcohol while license was suspended, didn’t post when they were suspended, failed to clean their brewed beverage dispensing system and keep a record of it, loud speakers.

Penalties: The LCB levied a $1,000 fine and multiple temporary license suspensions.

8. Current name: Charlie’s Little Spot

Licensee name: 1945 Little Spot incorporated

Address: 1945 Stenton Ave. in West Oak Lane

Number of violations charged with: 7

Violation highlights: Operating without a valid health permit, not being a bona fied restaurant (must have food and chairs for 30 people), illegally possessed liquor that was brought in without having taxes paid, went across border for beer and alcohol unlawfully possessed or transported in excess of one gallon, deceptive business practices, loud speakers, sales of alcohol after their license was expired prior to be removed.

Penalties: The bar faced $2,450 in fines and a license suspension.

9. Current name: Flying Carpet Cafe and Bar

Licensee name: Lucky 19 LLC

Address: 1841 Poplar St. in Francisville

Number of violations charged with: 7

Violation highlights: Did not clean their beverage dispensing system every seven days, records violations, loud speakers, operated another business on premises without board approval, selling alcohol to a minor and selling alcohol with an expired license.

Penalties: The bar received $1,400 in fines and a temporary license suspension. It appears a license transfer occurred earlier this year to new owners.

10. Current name: Major Events

Licensee name: William Penn Civic Club

Address: 5049-2075 Lancaster Ave. in West Parkside

Number of violations charged with: 6

Violation highlights: Loud speaker violation, allowed listening to juke box or rock group until 2:30 a.m., sold alcohol after 3 a.m., allowed patrons to remain in the club after 3:30 a.m.

Penalties: The club racked up $12,200 in fines and multiple license suspensions.

Photos via Google Maps. 

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.