Philly political Twitter: one of the only places where we can see politicians sniping at each other in public and press a little “star” indicating whether or not we support it.

Pennsylvania politics is home to some of best tweeters in our timeline, whether it’s candidates showing us that (gasp?) they’re real people, or political observers calling out politicians, usually when it’s well-deserved.

Billy Penn set out to identify some of the best Twitter accounts in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania politics. Our top 10 picks, in alphabetical order:

1. @BobCaton

Been tweeting since: April 2009

No. of followers: 2,355

No. of tweets: 2,509

Why it made this list: This Eagles-jersey-wearing tweeter manages social media for the PA House Democrats. We like his mix of politics mixed with Philly sports mixed with general nonsense.

One of our favorite tweets:

Hey, I just got a new phone book in case anyone needs to call 1973.

— Bob Caton (@BobCaton) July 13, 2015

2. @JayAMcCalla

No. of followers: 619

No. of tweets: 2,257

Why it made this list: Love the inside baseball of Philadelphia politics? McCalla is your man. This former city managing director is now a writer, political consultant and crisis communications expert who tweets frequently about what’s going on in Philly politics — along with his insights and observations. Give him a follow if you want recurring criticism of local politics.

One of our favorite tweets:

SEPTA still isn’t selling Pope Passes. NUTTER has no info for folks. Can our leaders handle this ?????

— Jay A. McCalla (@jayamccalla1) July 28, 2015

3. @JimFKenney (before he ran for mayor)

Been tweeting since: September 2011

No. of followers: 9,404

No. of tweets: 7,072

Why it made this list: Look, former councilman Jim Kenney’s Twitter was straight-up sanitized when he started off his mayoral campaign last year, but the Democratic nominee for mayor should still be commended for what his great Twitter once was. It was raw. It was visceral. Mostly, it was filled with people he blocked because they were mean to him. We miss you, former @JimFKenney. *sheds a single tear*

One of our favorite tweets:

Chris Christie is sitting on his very fat ass next to Jerry Jones in his box at the Linc. You suck! Kissing Texas ass for 2016! Awful!

— Jim Kenney (@JimFKenney) December 15, 2014

4. @KJOvsOFE

No. of followers: 281

No. of tweets: 886

Why it made this list: This Twitter account is vastly under-appreciated. Started to chronicle and criticize the all-out council war in the 2nd District this past year between incumbent Kenyatta Johnson and developer Ori Feibush, the KJ vs. Ori Twitter makes this list because the photoshop skills are second to no one. The race for Council is over — KJ cleaned Ori’s clock — but this account lives.

One of our favorite tweets:

5. @MaryWilson

Been tweeting since: February 2008

No. of followers: 3,233

No. of tweets: 9,201

Why it made this list: WITF capitol reporter Mary Wilson is one of the best in the political tweeting business. She’s on top of the news, and good at getting out the information in a way that’s easy to digest. She’s a great follow for policy wonks and those new to politics alike.

One of our favorite tweets:

Beware, ye who send a strongly-worded press release to PA lawmakers!

— Mary Wilson (@MaryWilson) May 6, 2015


Been tweeting since: December 2008

No. of followers: 11.7K

No. of tweets: 13.5K

Why it made this list: The people who run this account are straight up SWIFT. Anything making the PA Dems look bad this week? Give @PAGOP like 30 seconds and they’ll be tweeting about it (and probably trolling it, too). They’re constantly working to #StopHillary and use every chance they get to throw shade at Gov. Wolf, whether it’s because a budget still hasn’t happened or because he’s apparently the most liberal governor in the nation.

One of our favorite tweets:

ICYMI: @SenatorHughes is not a big fan of @JoeSestak

— PA GOP (@PAGOP) July 22, 2015

7. @PAMeanGirls

Been tweeting since: April 2014

No. of followers: 913

No. of tweets: 713

Why it made this list: This isn’t a regular Twitter. It’s a cool Twitter. No politician in Harrisburg is safe from feeling personally victimized by @PAMeanGirls, the brilliant account that tweets about politics in Harrisburg from the perspective of our favorite, fetch movie. So far, it’s just a few cool people following this account, and you better be one of them, beyotch.

One of our favorite tweets: 

.@GovernorTomWolf Do you wear pink on Wednesdays?

— PA Mean Girls (@PAMeanGirls) February 24, 2015

8. @PoliticsPA

Been tweeting since: December 2010

No. of followers: 8,481

No. of tweets: 16.4K

Why it made this list: Politics PA is one of the best accounts to follow if you’re trying to stay up-to-date on the latest breaking news in Pennsylvania politics. The team is fast and reliable, and covers everything from presidential campaigns in Pennsylvania to local Philly politics. They’re a must-follow.

One of our favorite tweets:

A meme for disappointed PA Republicans. #PAGov #PA2014

— Sy Snyder (@PoliticsPA) November 5, 2014

9. @RepHarris

Been tweeting since: November 2012

No. of followers: 2,001

No. of tweets: 3,201

Why it made this list: Rep. Jordan Harris, who represents parts of West Philly, Point Breeze and Grays Ferry in the general assembly, is just a dang good tweeter. He’s responsive to residents in his district and he uses his Twitter presence for more than just promoting himself (as many polticians do). He uses it to get news and information relevant to his constituents out there. Also, tweeting on Inauguration Day while sitting outside gets you serious points.

One of our favorite tweets:

Lol it’s a little cold…. RT @billy_penn: The reps are walking slooooow ??????????????

— Jordan A. Harris (@RepHarris) January 20, 2015

10. @SenatorHughes

Been tweeting since: February 2011

No. of followers: 5,281

No. of tweets: 18.2K

Why it made this list: Similar to @RepHarris, what we like most about state Sen. Vincent Hughes’ Twitter is that he doesn’t just use it to tweet about what he’s doing, but uses it to be sure his constituents are informed about what’s up in the district. Also, lots of inspirational quotes. I feel uplifted already. Related: @SenHughesOffice.

One of our favorite tweets: Awww

Still feeling good about grad! Oh Lawdie, she’s Cum Laude! @Coco_Maurice @thesherylralph @ETweethome @thesherylralph

— Senator Hughes (@SenatorHughes) May 16, 2015

11. @WagnersChopper

No. of followers: 519

No. of tweets: 246

Why it made this list: This relatively new Twitter account is a hilarious parody of state Sen. Scott Wagner’s… helicopter. Wagner, of York, made national news when he (in a sort of tone-deaf way) took local reporters in a chopper and flew over wealthy PA schools to show them that the school funding disaster isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Now this Twitter makes fun of him.

One of our favorite tweets:

Is this a bad time to share that I once hunted a lion from a helicopter? Anyways, now I hunt pensions. Would love to have a few on my wall.

— Wagner’s Chopper (@WagnersChopper) July 29, 2015

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.