The mess that is Kathleen Kane’s tenure unraveled further this week, while Mayor Michael Nutter tried to reveal that security and transportation for the pope’s visit won’t be such a mess. Billy Penn recaps these stories and all the other major ones from this, combining them with music, in the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Gives You Hell,” All American Rejects

Kathleen Kane got charged for leaking confidential information Thursday, and the charging documents revealed her to allegedly be quite vindictive and less than friendly to her staffers (see the tweet below for the highlight). Governor Tom Wolf has asked her to step down, but she wants no part of that. She seems intent on dragging this out as long as she can and making the Democratic party miserable (it’s had many similar problems in the last year or two).

As things unraveled, Kane told staff she’d fire all of them: If I get taken out of here in handcuffs, what do you think my last act will be?

— Mike Newall (@MikeNewall) August 6, 2015

“Jesus, Take The Wheel,” Carrie Underwood

You’re going to need to divine intervention to get a car into Center City during the pope weekend. Mayor Michael Nutter announced Wednesday a ‘traffic box’ would cover the entirety of Center City and then some. You’ll be able to drive within it, but you can’t get in from outside of it.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.38.17 PM

“Robotboy,” Robyn

Oh, hitchBOT, how long until we forget about you completely? Last weekend, hitchBOT was destroyed in Old City, prompting a lot of sadness and anger over a thing hardly anyone knew about beforehand, and two area pranksters to release fake footage of somebody kicking the robot. But there are plans for another hitchBOT to return in the future. 

“A Summer Wasting,” Belle & Sebastian

We’ve passed the one-month mark and then some since Pennsylvania lawmakers and Governor Tom Wolf were supposed to finalize the state’s budget. And it looks like we’re not getting any closer to a solution. Philly Rep. Brian Sims and others are planning a trip to Israel, though. Summer vacation, ftw.

“Sell Out,” Reel Big Fish

SEPTA didn’t sell all of its papal passes during a lottery in which they were available on Monday. But people on Craigslist are still trying to profit on what appears to be low demand. Vendors are selling the $10 passes for as much as $50.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 9.07.41 AM

“So Far Away,” Rod Stewart

So close, yet…will the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board mess this up? Wawa just needs the Board’s approval to start selling beer at a store in DelCo. If it happens, Wawa is considering expanding beer to stores throughout the area.

“A Long Look At A Short Lived Dream,” High School Football Heroes

One of the infamous acquitted narco cops who got his job back is already getting fired. He failed a drug test.

“Should Have Known Better,” Sufjan Stevens

Two people were charged this week for selling fake SEPTA Transpasses the last couple of years. Here’s the kicker: They allegedly sold most of these to city employees, at the City Hall station.

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