The Billy Penn Twitter Power Rankings: The 12 best accounts that are must-follows for Eagles fans

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Whether it’s reporters snarking about Chip Kelly’s personnel decisions, Eagles offensive linemen subtweeting punters or fans hacking Giants players, Eagles Twitter is certainly one of the best uses of the Twitters.

With one preseason game under our belt, Billy Penn set out to identify some of the best Eagles-related accounts that you should be sure to follow. (Have more to add? Tweet us at @billy_penn.) These are our top 12 picks, in alphabetical order:

1. @AshleyFoxESPN

Been tweeting since: May 2009

No. of followers: 15K

No. of tweets: 5,290

Why she made this list: Fox started as an Eagles beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and has since moved onto ESPN, but she still lives in the area and tweets stellar NFL news and analysis. Give her a follow to stay up-to-date on news from across the NFL (with a special Iggles focus).

One of our favorite tweets: This could mean so many things.

2. @BrandonGowton

Been tweeting since: July 2010

No. of followers: 11.6K

No. of tweets: 54.3K

Why he made this list: First off, this guy’s avi is literally the most patriotic thing ever. Second, Gowton is the editor Bleeding Green, which is SB Nation’s Eagles vertical that pretty much covers everything about the team and also apparently fields some bitchy Internet comments. Go figure.

One of our favorite tweets: I mean, dude’s got a point.

3. @ChipKellysBalls

Been tweeting since: January 2013

No. of followers: 7,485

No. of tweets: 13.7K

Why it made this list: This has to be the best Chip Kelly parody account out there, and we also like that he or she tweets about other Philly sports in addition to parodying our dear Chip.

One of our favorite tweets: Amen.

4. @CrossingBroad

Been tweeting since: April 2010

No. of followers: 28.6K

No. of tweets: 80.5K

Why he made this list: Kyle Scott runs Crossing Broad, a Philadelphia sportsball blog that pulls together some of the best (and funniest) news and information about sports in the city. Following Crossing Broad is like following the love child of a beat reporter and a superbly cheeky fan.

One of our favorite tweets:

Also, welp.

5. @EagleFanProbs

Been tweeting since: December 2012

No. of followers: 13.6K

No. of tweets: 3,149

Why it made this list: If you love the Eagles and/or hate the Cowboys (guess that’s kinda the same thing) follow this pretty silly account for largely photographic demonstrations of all of our feels.

One of our favorite tweets:

6. @EliotShorrParks

Been tweeting since: July 2010

No. of followers: 19K

No. of tweets: 39.4K

Why he made this list: This beat writer for NJ Advance Media ( has actually managed to be a great reporter AND have a personality. How novel! Anyway, we picked a different tweet for below but feel so obligated to highlight this #LOLSixers-related tweet because #LOLSixers.

One of our favorite tweets: Can’t stop fav’ing Mariota tweets. Won’t stop.

7. @Jeff_McLane

Been tweeting since: May 2009

No. of followers: 53.1K

No. of tweets: 36.7K

Why he made this list: We’d be remiss if we didn’t put Jeff McLane on this list because he has like a zillion followers and really is one of the best out there. The Inquirer‘s beat reporter knows what’s up and is a good follow for anyone who wants the most reliable Eagles-related news, and fast. (However, based on his bio, we’re a tad concerned he may not be a human and may in fact be a robot. Will advise at a later time.)

One of our favorite tweets: dang ok

8. @JimmyKempski

Been tweeting since: May 2011

No. of followers: 21.9K

No. of tweets: 37.9K

Why he made this list: This once-former Eagles blogger now plies his trade over works at the Philly Voice — and he was a good get for them. He’s one of the most avidly followed, pretty funny Eagles beat writers out there. He also loves stick figure art, which is cool.

One of our favorite tweets: I’m obsessed with this.

9. @jkelce

Been tweeting since: May 2010

No. of followers: 87.5K

No. of tweets: 3,132

Why he made this list: With the release of Evan Mathis (sheds a single tear), Jason Kelce is now one of the best tweeters on the team. The center is up front and honest with fans in his tweets and mentions Legends of the Hidden Temple in his bio so, win. He’ll also call you TF out.

One of our favorite tweets: Boom, roasted.

10. @jmeleTCN

Been tweeting since: November 2010

No. of followers: 18.8K

No. of tweets: 17.2K

Why she made this list: Mele was formerly with NBC Philadelphia and is now one of the hosts of Breakfast on Broad, the new all-purpose sports morning show on Comcast Sports Net. She tweets about all Philly sports (mostly Phillies right now), but will definitely be a good follow for Eagles season.

One of our favorite tweets: Tell ’em. Own the trolls. Rawr.

11. @RoobCSN

Been tweeting since: October 2010

No. of followers: 45.3K

No. of tweets: 45.9K

Why he made this list: CSN’s Reuban Frank AKA Rooooooob has been around the block for years and you can bet he knows what he’s talking about when he’s watching and reporting from Eagles practice or games. He was also the unofficial juke box guy at the media coffee house when the Eagles held training camp in the Lehigh Valley. RIP Bethlehem training camp.

One of our favorite tweets: omg the shade

12. @The700Level

Been tweeting since: March 2007

No. of followers: 29.1K

No. of tweets: 34.5K

Why he made this list: Site founder Enrico Campitelli runs The 700 Level blog and corresponding Twitter account, and man is it good. Give him a follow for quick hits, new information and hilarious Philly sports tidbits.

One of our favorite tweets: HAHAHAHAHA

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