Kathleen Kane made sure media couldn't get pictures of her today as they have in the past. Credit: KYW and Philly.com via Twitter

You won’t see tweets or live-blogging during Kathleen Kane’s preliminary hearing today, but that didn’t stop this sneak peek of the circus before they closed the tent. According to reports, she sent her twin sister to the courthouse, making the media think it was her outside. Kane then went into a different entrance and avoided reporters and photographers. 

Really, she did this. Take a look at the twin inside the courthouse!

PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane (in red) sent her twin sister first (front) to divert press. Photo by Clem Murray. pic.twitter.com/MGtZMGuoGA

— Philly.com Photos (@PhillyLens) August 24, 2015

Since being indicted for allegedly leaking sensitive information to the press and trying cover it up, Kane has provided several moments of strange entertainment, and now there’s the twin stand-in. Did you even know Kane had a twin sister? Do you know anything about her? Billy Penn answers these questions in Kathleen Kane’s Twin 101.

So who is this twin?

Her name is Ellen Granahan Goffer, and she and Kane are identical twins. You can check out this Scranton Times-Tribune story for a photo gallery featuring some pictures of them growing up in Scranton. That hair!

What does she do for a job? I mean, who would let her skip work on a Monday afternoon to pretend she’s Kane?

Think about it for a second. Goffer would have to be working in an office so used to distraction that it wouldn’t even seem all that weird to be let off for such an activity.  

No way. You mean…

Yep. Kane is her boss. Goffer is a state attorney. She has been since 2008. When Kane got elected in 2013, Goffer was promoted to chief deputy attorney general of the child predator section. It came with a raise of about $14,000.      

So she’s flown under the radar, mostly stayed away from controversy then, right?

Well not quite. Goffer is being sued by an ex-boyfriend/FBI agent who claims Goffer has not repaid $200,000 that he loaned her to buy a house.  



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