The biggest story in Philadelphia this week may have been a roof. Le Bok Fin open for just a few more days, but it’s been an eventful summer. On the ground, elsewhere in the city, the papal visit is drawing ever closer and Chaka Fattah apparently can’t afford to pay a lawyer. We recap those stories and more — and add music — as part of the #BillyPennPlaylist.

“Body of An American,” The Pogues

Martin O’Malley visits Philadelphia, talks about the importance of cities and then does the Irish music thing (And, by the way, this is a song often featured on “The Wire”).

“Chasing Cars,” Snow Patrol

The great 2015 Pope Tow begins next Sunday, September 20, so if you keep your car parked in the “secure perimeter” by the Parkway or Independence Hall you better move it quickly.

Tow times for cars in secure perimeter & secure vehicle perimeter for #PopeInPhilly.

— Stephanie Farr (@FarFarrAway) September 10, 2015

“Mansard Roof,” Vampire Weekend

The clientele of Le Bok Fin may be young, preppy and white, but the neighbors are cool with that. They helped silence a group that had been trying to get people to write negative Yelp reviews of the restaurant because it was built at the site of a former school.  

“Bills, Bills, Bills,” Destiny’s Child

Won’t you pay Chaka Fattah’s legal bills? You already pay his salary, and he wants you to go a step further. The indicted congressman launched a fund Wednesday for people to contribute to his defense against corruption charges.

“Right Now,” Van Halen

Penn students, carrying a petition signed by mothers of two suicide victims, marched to the president’s office Thursday afternoon. They want the university to take matters of student mental health more seriously.

More than a ‘band-aid’: Students march for Penn to provide larger mental health reforms

— The Daily Pennsylvanian (@dailypenn) September 11, 2015

“Gone,” Jack Johnson

30,000 pope tickets were given away online this week for his two stops on the Parkway and his speech at Independence Hall. They were picked up within seconds. And then within minutes, they were being resold on Craigslist for big bucks. 

“When The Last Time,” Clipse

Should we just start asking public officials the last time they voted as a matter of protocol? Republican mayoral candidate Melissa Murray Bailey was revealed to be a frequent nonvoter this week, joining the company of City Commissioner Anthony Clark. Murray Bailey didn’t vote in three of the last six elections.

“Victory,” Puff Daddy feat. The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes

Huge, huge win for Temple on Saturday. It was the first time the Owls had defeated Penn State in 74 years. But Penn State fans can still make Temple feel bad by reminding them that if your school cuts five sports teams for the good of the football program, perhaps victory against Penn State should be expected. 

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