Sunday’s Eagles home-opener at the Linc is a must-win. Favored by five points over the Cowboys, the Eagles know they’ll slip to 0-2 if they drop one to Dallas — not to mention they’ve got something to prove now that they boast the guy who was once the Cowboy’s star running back.

And like Eagles fans can be, uh, colorful, Dallas fans can too. The Texas media members and Cowboys faithful have been sounding off all week about the Eagles… and the city! As a whole! We’re all evil! Here are some of the most hilarious and/or terribly sad shade-filled comments made this week in Dallas:

Demarco Murray

I think the big number, the number everybody will be talking about this week is DeMarco Murray – Philadelphia Eagles starting running back – nine yards against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. You watch that game and all of the sudden everybody’s thinking … the Eagles? Really? – Dallas Morning News

ALLASUDDEN everyone is like… Dallas wouldn’t match his Eagles offer? Really?

The Eagles spent $53.5 million in free agency last offseason on running backs, luring starting running backs Murray away from the Cowboys and Ryan Mathews away from the San Diego Chargers. Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly wanted fresh, productive legs for his fast-paced offense and was willing to guarantee $26.5 million for Murray and Mathews to supply them. But they combined for only 13 yards on 11 carries in their Philadelphia debut. The most productive runner was inexpensive (by comparison) holdover Darren Sproles, who gained 50 yards on five carries against the Falcons.  Dallas Morning News

Look, he’s not wrong. But damn, we can taste the saltiness from here.

Behind Dallas’ offensive line, Murray was the NFL’s leading rusher. With Philadelphia, he gained only nine yards on eight carries. Those are not the numbers of a superstar, and considering the Eagles are relying on him to carry a large portion of their offense, they don’t figure to be that effective moving forward. – Chat Sports

Maybe the Eagles *should* rely on him to carry a large portion of their offense, but last week they showed Sam Bradford’s arm is good enough for Chip Kelly. And to top it off, they almost won!

Chip Kelly

I’ve lost complete faith in Chip Kelly after one game. I’m gonna go with the Cowboys 26, Eagles 20 – Dallas Morning News

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you probably didn’t have much faith in him to begin with.

What’s the difference between Chip Kelly and a fat, bloated, sweaty, overhyped egomaniac who was really successful in college but flopped in the big leagues? – cowboyfan927 on Dallas Cowboys message board

Well Chip Kelly has been called a football genius and the other person you’re referring to is a fat, bloated, sweaty, overhyped egomaniac who was really successful in college but flopped in the big leagues.

Philadelphia fans

They cheered when Michael Irvin got hurt, threw snowballs at Jimmy Johnson and countless others and just are annoying all around. Cowboys fans hate them and they hate Cowboys fans. That’s how it should be. And lest we forget, they booed Santa Claus. – Dallas Morning News

Irvin incident: 1999. Snowballs at Johnson thing: 1989. And FFS, the Santa booing was in 1968. Can we just not?

From the archives: Philly fans throw beer bottles and eggs at Cowboys buses – Dallas Morning News

Throwing stuff at the Cowboys’ buses — a Philly tradition. Just happened moments ago.

— Rainer Sabin (@RainerSabin) December 14, 2014

The Eagles in general

Dallas 7-3 in Philadelphia last ten years, just cut out the turnovers and they can/will win in the City of Losers….. – Signalman Chief on Dallas Cowboys message board

And it came with this response:

Wow didn’t realize we were doing that well in the city of Unbrotherly Shove, nice. – Kal-El of Krypton

Wow, clever, yes good one hmmm ok then.

I could go on and on for days, with proven facts of why Dallas has been the superior franchise of the two. So, the next time you hear “How many super bowl rings does Romo have?” Or, “What have the Cowboys done in the last 20 years?” Just remind the Eagle trolls that HISTORY will always outweigh mediocrity. – Inside the Star

OK, can you guys stop acting like you won a Super Bowl like yesterday? It was ’95. Literally the same year DVDs came out.

A Dallas win would send the city of Philadelphia into a panic that they may not recover from. – Signalman Chief

Sorry Signalman, only the Pope can do that. Bye.

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.