Papal visit missed connections are a real thing.

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Pope Francis has come and gone, but true love may remain.

When a million people gather in one city, there are bound to be some missed connections. We perused Craigslist for the Papal visit-related missed connection ads so you don’t have to. They range from setup guys to klutzy girls falling off walls to Army dudes in town to, um, protect us.

1. Love amid the setup

To the guy doing Pope setup last Sat who told me I looked good – w4m (22nd & parkway)

body : athletic

….Funnily, I had just been thinking the same thing about you. There was a whole group of you building a metal structure but you, the one who said it, were the hot one. I was coming back from running on the trail. I turned around and smiled at you. I wish I had talked to you instead of the person I was on the phone with.

2. Searching for klutzy girl

City Ave for the pope today, blond gray sweatshirt – m4w (Lower merion)

So this is a huuuuuge stretch, but worth a try. You’re a beautiful blonde, wearing a gray hoody and black pants. I was working down there for the pope visit today. You fell off the wall across the street from the seminary and hoped no one saw! I did… Yes, we laughed about it and you were ok ;). Your smile, eyes, and playful look have been stuck in my head since! I wanted to give you my number, but couldn’t Bc of work. You were there with your 2 girls. I didn’t see your finger/don’t know if you’re attached or not. I am anyway… I just can’t get your face out of my head. If you happen to read this, if people actually read these, please write back. If it’s you, let me know what you asked before you walked away, so I know it’s you. And yes, I saw you specifically looking for me to ask it… It was very cute! Guess we’ll see if there’s any hope on here…

3. A poem for the Pope Saturday muscle stud

muscle stud avaiator glasses black tee jean – m4m (spring garden and 7th Pope Saturday)

gorgeous man

our eyes locked

you heading westerly

me easterly

as you and cohort went one way

and i another

and our heads turned toward one another

that brief interval

Saturday afternoon

4. Pope barriers = more missed connections

Looking For Girl I Complimented – m4w (Fairmount, Philadelphia)

We were walking opposite directions on the side of the 3007 that was sort of blocked off by the setup for the Pope’s arrival (the side that was Eakins Oval). You had a great smile and amazingly positive energy. You said hi to me and I complimented you on your nice earrings. You were flattered.

I wished I stopped you to talk. We could have gone on a date that day. This happened 9/14/15. I was the Asian dude who had on the black rimmed glasses.

5. Army guy there for Pope security?!?

South Philly, please help!!!!! – m4w (Corner of Broad St and Mckean St.)

I’m in the Army and was activated for Pope security. I drew the 6pm-6am night shift on the corner of Broad St and Mckean. There was this beautiful young woman who passed my position all 3 nights and tonight she stopped to talk to me and my teammate. I didn’t catch her name but she said she went to IUP and works in the general area of where I was located. She had amazing eyes and a beautiful body. I’m beating myself up by not catching her name. Please south philly, you owe me nothing more after how generous and amazing you treated me and my brothers, but I need help finding this lovely woman. I know my chances are slim but I figured I’d give it a shot.

6. ‘I am a pretty shitty stalker’

Craig, the janitor in real life haha – w4m (fairmount)

I met you and your coworkers on a walk with my dog on Fairmount Friday night during the Pope’s visit. I didnt have the balls to give you my number with all your buddies around at the time. If you see this, let me know what you were doing there or some other creepy detail about that conversation, so I know it’s you. I would love to hear from you. Ps sorry if this is super creepy, I am a pretty shitty stalker.

Anna Orso was a reporter/curator at Billy Penn from 2014 to 2017.